At Liferay we thrive on the contribution and innovation from our developer community and value new ideas to ensure the continued evolution of the platform to meet the needs of its users.

Beta Feature Feedback

Liferay Portal and DXP releases now have the option to opt-in for new beta features.  These features are considered to be fully functional but you may encounter a few bugs with them.  If you are feeling adventurous and would like to try some of these new features learn how now!

Provide Feedback

What if Liferay Portal doesn’t have a feature you would like to use? Or perhaps, you have an awesome idea about new ways of using the platform or better user experience? Or maybe you know how to make something more performant or reliable? We definitely want to hear your ideas and feature requests!  

Report a Bug

There is hardly a bug free software product out there, be it proprietary or Open Source one. Liferay Portal, despite being developed by following the best practices and tested by QA professionals in multiple environments, is no an exception. But as with any other Open Source project, we work hard to quickly fix all issues reported by our amazing community of developers and users.