What are Beta features?

Beta Features are features, functionality or capabilities made available by Liferay within Liferay DXP/Portal software that are tagged with a “Beta” flag. Beta Features are in active development and are not ready for production use. However, Liferay makes these Beta Features available for Subscribers to test and validate with their use-cases and business objectives, and ultimately provide critical feedback. With this program, Liferay can accelerate the release schedule for Liferay DXP/Portal and deliver Subscriber-driven development to the market.

Beta Features are considered experimental and should be used at the discretion of the subscriber. These features should not be used in production environments. Beta Features may be enabled, at the customer’s discretion, in the portal’s instance settings (Control Panel > Instance Settings > Platform > Feature Flags). Beta features will be clearly marked with a "Beta" tag in the UI.

How to Provide Feedback on a Beta Feature

0. Sign up for a Liferay account

Liferay will be using Liferay Ask to receive feedback on beta features.  Liferay Ask requires a Liferay account in order to post new feedback on Liferay Ask. 

1. Review weekly release announcement and watch for beta features.

Each week a new announcement is released on liferay.dev highlighting all the new features in the release.  Each feature will have one of the following release statues:

Beta : Non-supported features under validation.

Release : Officially released and supported - can be activated with Release Feature Flag.

GA : Officially released and supported features.

2. Provide beta feature feedback on Liferay Ask

In order to provide feedback for beta features, create a new post in the Feedback on Beta Features sub topic on Liferay Ask.  Please provide a link to the release announcement featuring the beta feature along with the feature you are testing.

If providing a bug report, please see: Report a Bug.

3. What happens after I have provided feature beta feedback?

Once the feedback has been evaluated a member of our product team will respond to the post and provide a link to a Jira ticket if further action is needed such as fixing a bug in the feature.