Contribute to the future of Liferay.

You can also contribute your ideas to the upcoming releases of Liferay Portal. We are interested in your ideas, your use cases and, based on your experience what could be good features to be added to Liferay Portal.

Make a formal Feature Request

0. Sign up for a Liferay account

Liferay will be using Liferay Ask to receive new feature requests.  Liferay Ask requires a Liferay account in order to post new feedback on Liferay Ask. 

1. Make feature request on Liferay Ask

In order to provide a feature request, create a new post in the Feature Requests sub topic on Liferay Ask.

2. What happens after I have created a Feature Request ticket?

Once the feedback has been evaluated, a member of our product team will respond to the post and provide a link to a Jira ticket if further action is needed.

Depending on this evaluation, the feature request in Jira could be marked as:

  • New Idea - A feature request has been opened but the triage team has yet to confirm receipt and triage the request.
  • Waiting on Information - Product manager is waiting for additional information from the reporter in order to further evaluate the feature request.
  • Under Review - Product manager is reviewing the request.
  • Pending Further Research - Product manager has identified that the root problem relates to an initiative in the “Later” column of the roadmap which will require further research before it can be planned.
  • Planning - Product owner has decided to address the problem described in the request but has yet to start any development work.
  • In Progress - The solution to the problem described in the request is actively being developed.
  • Completed - The solution to the problem described in the request has been released and is available to customers.
  • Won’t Do - Product management has decided that they will not accept the request or idea.

3. What should I expect next? How can I help?

Once a request is triaged the original requester will be notified that their feature request was received and the request will be tagged in Jira with the relevant components and assigned to a product manager.
It is also possible for the community members to vote for the new feature in Liferay Ask.  If a feature is also of interest to you please be sure to vote for it.