In order to become a translation and help translating Liferay Portal to your language, you will need to

  1. Create an account at Crowdin, if you do not already have one.
  2. Join Liferay Portal project as translator.
  3. Translate labels and messages.

Any of those steps are better explained in each of their subsections.

  • To create your translator account, you will need to register on Crowdin, the localization management tool we are using to allow community members to help with translations.

     Go to the Crowdin signup page and enter your email address, desired username and password.


    Once you have created your account, login and set the list of languages that you know. To do that, simply click on the user icon at the top right corner and select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu:


    That will lead you to your Crowdin account profile settings, update your information and, above all, scroll down to specify the languages that you speak and you will be able to translate to.

    With that information fulfilled you will be able to join Liferay translation project.

  • Once you have set up your account, you will be able to join the Liferay translation project. Search for the 'Liferay portal' project on the search box in the top bar and hit enter or click on the project suggestion.

    If you hit enter, a search result page will be shown. Click on the project and you will navigate to the Liferay Portal translation project. If you clicked on the suggestion that the search box proposed, you will be directly taken to it:

    In this page, all the languages available for translation are presented. The languages that match with those you specified in your user account settings will be presented first.

    Click in any of the languages you want to help to translate. Then the detail page to translate to that language will be shown and you will have the chance to join the project to translate to that language.

    Click on the 'Join' button, and let us know that you want to help with that language.

    A supervisor will review and approve your request. When the request is approved, on your profile page you will see the 'Liferay portal' project available to accept your contributions.

    Now, you can start submitting your translation proposals for labels and messages. 

  • Once you have been approved as translator, simply access the 'Liferay portal' translation project from your profile account home page and click on the language that you want to translate.

    A tree list will be presented with all the resource files that are part of the project, showing the percentage of entries that are translated. 

    Look for any of the resources that are incomplete and click on the file name.

    When you click on the file you will be presented with all the strings that are part of the file so that you can propose a translation.

    Click on the message id on the left panel, introduce your translation on the right area and click save. If the message already has been translated from someone else, the red square to the left of the entry label is replaced by a green square. In that case you can review the proposed translations by other users just below the text area that expects your suggestion.

    If you think one of the already proposed translations is the proper one, you can simply specify it by clicking on the '+' button. If, on the contrary, you think is an incorrect translation you can click on the '-' button on the right. Those votes could help the proofreader later to decide which is the best translation, (but it will be the responsibility of the proofreader also to decide if the most voted suggestion is the proper one).

    There is also a third state in which an entry can be found: if the entry label on the left panel shows neither a red square (untranslated) nor a green square (already translated), but it shows a green tick, that means that the translation has been reviewed and accepted by a "Proofreader". In that case, there is no need for you to propose new translations.


    Reviewing your suggestions.

    If you want to go back and review your suggestion, you can click again on the label entry on the left panel and the previous entered translation will be shown:

    If you find that you made a mistake (a mistranslation or a typo) you can delete your suggestion by clicking on the trash icon at the right of your suggestion and make a new translation proposal by entering the text on the upper area and clicking the 'Save' button as you did the first time.

    And that's it! Easy, isn't it?. Now you are prepared to start contributing with translations for your language and, if you have any questions or comments, you can freely start a discussion on the Forums.

    Join the team and start your contributions now!.