Tim Telcik | 22 Jan 2020

Overview This article outlines how to configure EHCache cache event logging in Liferay 7.1. Scenario We want to log and monitor EHCache cache events in a clustered environment. This is helpful when monitoring cache replication of data across nodes in a cluster to ensure caches on slave nodes are updated with cache data from the master node. We can monitor ehcache portal...

Neil Griffin | 16 Jan 2020

On 12/20/2019, Liferay released updated versions of Liferay Faces modules featuring support for the upcoming 7.3 release of Liferay Portal. For more information see the "Liferay Faces Bridge Ext" and "Liferay Faces Portal" sections of the recently updated Liferay Faces Version Scheme.  The easiest way to upgrade is to visit the home page...

David H Nebinger | 12 Jan 2020

Classic Liferay Localization Handling Any developer who has been around for awhile will have some knowledge of how Liferay handled localization for the entities... In your service.xml file where you normally just have a column type of String, you would also have an additional attribute set, localized="true". With this addition, your model classes getters and setters change...

Mayur Patel | 11 Jan 2020

Introduction We can customize Elastic Search in Liferay, so that whenever a user is searching for a keyword in Liferay then the search results would not only display the results for that search keyword but the search results would also display the results for the synonyms of that search keyword. We can configure synonyms for English and Arabic languages and that would work for...

David H Nebinger | 03 Jan 2020

So I've been seeing this a lot recently, so I thought I'd do a quick blog about it... With web contents, we can build structures to provide an organized chunk of data, and then we can define a template to render the HTML fragment for that structure. Since the template language of choice is FreeMarker, and since in FreeMarker we have practically the entire Liferay API (and...

Mohammed Yasin | 14 Jan 2020

By default Liferay does not encrypt the password at client side  as with SSL already Data will be encrypted but some security audit demand for password to be encrypted before submission . So we will be seeing how to perform client side encryption of password  in liferay.  I will  encrypting  with RSA Algorithm which uses public and private key .Public...

Neil Griffin | 11 Dec 2019

Thin WAR Artifacts Sometimes WAR artifacts are quite thin, meaning they are less than 1MB in size and most of their dependencies are deployed as OSGi modules. In other words, these types of WAR artifacts have portlet-specific code in WEB-INF/classes but few (if any) embedded jars in WEB-INF/lib. Deployment of thin WARs can be quite fast -- typically only couple of seconds more...

Neil Griffin | 07 Dec 2019

The following versions of PortletMVC4Spring were released on December 7, 2019 AD: Version Description   5.2.0 For use with Spring Framework 5.2.x (tested with 5.2.2.RELEASE) Release Notes 5.1.1 For use with Spring Framework 5.1.x (tested with 5.1.4.RELEASE) Release Notes ...

Álvaro Saugar | 02 Dec 2019

//La versión en español del artículo se puede encontrar en: Otro año de LUGSpain It may seem difficult to believe, but another year has gone by. As usual, the Liferay team booked a session during the first day of the Liferay Symposium in Spain for the community event to integrate the presentation of Liferay improvements and projects with the community's proposals in one place. ...

Álvaro Saugar | 02 Dec 2019

//The english version of this article can be found here:  Year summary of LUGSpain Parece mentira pero ya ha pasado otro año más. Como suele ser costumbre, el equipo de Liferay reserva la tarde del primer día del Symposium para el evento de la comunidad, y así integrar la presentación de mejoras y proyectos con las propuestas de la comunidad en un mismo lugar. Este...

Jamie Sammons | 19 Nov 2019

Docker Official images can be found on Dockerhub and can be used for deployments on any system that is running Docker. For more information on configuration options for the image see the overview page. To get started with docker run the following: docker run -it -p 8080:8080 liferay/portal:7.2.1-ga2 Download You can find the 7.2 release on the download page.  If you...

Javier Gamarra | 18 Nov 2019

Liferay 7.2 GA2 brings us many awesome new features but I'm particularly proud of one: GraphQL support. Starting today you can build dynamic JS applications with your preferred framework (which is the one trending today?) and leverage the powerful GraphQL queries to fill the entire screen with one request. In 7.2 we introduced the new breed of Headless APIs to help you serve...

Olaf Kock | 14 Nov 2019

   I've taken the opportunity to meet David Nebinger, the most prolific forum poster and blogger for Liferay. And as we both are often stumbling about similar questions - in the community as well as on our job - we've been talking about exactly those ever repeating questions. Here are some of the topics that we talked about: David's history with Liferay,...

Takeo Yasuyuki | 13 Nov 2019

Damascus is a CRUD scaffolding tool for Liferay. Damascus generates services and web interfaces for both user and admin (PanelApp) with CRUD functionalities. The new features included in the 1.1.1 release are as following: Liferay 7.2 template 7.0, 7.1 templates miner fixes Template Generation tool  The...

Yanan Yuan | 17 Oct 2019

Hello guys, the new installers which contian serveral bug fixes are ready.   Download  Customer downloads: For customers, they can download all of them on the customer studio download page. Community downloads:   Key Points: Installers...

Yanan Yuan | 15 Oct 2019

Liferay IntelliJ 1.6.0 plugin has been made available. Head over to this page for downloading. Release Highlights: Remove requirement for index . source when creating a  modules ext project Update xml schemas and portlet 3.0 specification Add validation for project template in ...

Olaf Kock | 10 Oct 2019

Have you ever wondered what the options are, and where they are documented, when you look at the gazillion of configuration options in Liferay's Control Panel? Were you worried that a new team member would have a hard time exploring, or making sense of, all of the features that are readily available in Liferay (7.2 CE and DXP)? Well, worry no more: Yours Truly published a new...

Yanan Yuan | 08 Oct 2019

The new release of Liferay Project SDK and Studio Installers 3.7.0 ga1 has been made available. This new package support for eclipse Photon or greater.   Download:  Customer downloads: For customers, they can download all of them on the customer studio download page. Community downloads: ...

Konstantinos Karavitis | 09 Oct 2019

For everyone who is looking for working examples of portlets on liferay 7.2 which leverage the power of Angular 8 and Spring boot, I have started a new project on github. For now there is only one basic CRUD example which demonstrates the Spring boot 2 / Angular 8 / liferay integration.

Chris Mount | 04 Oct 2019

In the first part we basically set everything up. We created a Gatsby site and a few web content articles in Liferay. In this part we will create the Gatsby source plugin for Liferay and use the headless API to pull in our articles. Upfront, a lot of the steps I outline below for creating the plugin I got from the Gatsby site. Therefore, I will leave out some explanations...