Announcement: Liferay Faces 4.x / 3.x / 2.x GA6 Released

On August 11, 2015 Liferay released the 6th General Availability (GA) version of Liferay Faces:

Liferay Faces 4.2.5-ga6 JSF 2.2 + Liferay Portal 6.2 *NEW* Release Notes (420 Issues) - PrimeFaces 5.2/4.0
- RichFaces 4.5.6
Liferay Faces 3.2.5-ga6 JSF 2.1 + Liferay Portal 6.2  Release Notes (398 Issues) - PrimeFaces 5.2/4.0/3.5
- ICEfaces 3.3
- RichFaces 4.5.6
Liferay Faces 3.1.5-ga6 JSF 2.1 + Liferay Portal 6.1 Release Notes (231 Issues) - PrimeFaces 5.2/4.0/3.5
- ICEfaces 3.3
- RichFaces 4.5.6
Liferay Faces 3.0.5-ga6 JSF 2.1 + Liferay Portal 6.0 Release Notes (217 Issues) - PrimeFaces 4.0/3.5
- ICEfaces 3.3
- RichFaces 4.5.6
Liferay Faces 3.0.5-legacy-ga6 JSF 2.1 + Liferay Portal 5.2 Release Notes (201 Issues) - ICEfaces 3.3
Liferay Faces 2.2.5-ga6 JSF 1.2 + Liferay Portal 6.2  Release Notes (173 Issues) - ICEfaces 1.8.2
Liferay Faces 2.1.5-ga6 JSF 1.2 + Liferay Portal 6.1 Release Notes (171 Issues) - ICEfaces 1.8.2

All-New JSF Component Suite

Liferay Faces 4.2.5-ga6 (JSF 2.2 + Liferay Portal 6.2) and 3.2.5-ga6 (JSF 2.1 + Liferay Portal 6.2) feature an all-new JSF component suite as shown in the Liferay Faces Showcase.

The Facelet component tags that are prefixed with the alloy: namespace utilize AlloyUI and are compatible with webapp and portlet environments.

The Facelet component tags that are prefixed with the bridge: and portlet: namespaces are compatible with portlet environments.

The Facelet component tags that are prefixed with the portal: namespace are compatible with Liferay portlet environments.

For more information about the new component suite, see Juan Gonzalez' blog post titled New Liferay Faces release - Portal components and Vernon Singleton's blog post titled New Liferay Faces release - The alloy:accordion component.

Third Party Component Suite Compatibility

  • PrimeFaces 5.2: Check out the new primefaces5-portlet and primefaces5-users-portlet demos
  • ICEfaces 4.0: Due to ICE-10335ICE-10392, and ICE-10393 ICEfaces 4.0 is unsupported at this time. Developers can still use ICEfaces 3.1 with JSF 2.1 via Liferay Faces 3.2.5-ga6.
  • RichFaces 4.5: The richfaces4-portlet demo has been upgrade to RichFaces 4.5.6.Final.

Support For JSF 2.2 (Tomcat + Mojarra Only)

  • Verson 4.2.5-ga6 is the first production-quality version of Liferay Faces to support JSF 2.2.
  • All testing was performed with Mojarra 2.2.12. MyFaces is not supported by Liferay EE.
  • Refer to the new jsf2-flows-portlet and jsf2-html5-portlet for examples of how to use JSF 2.2 in a portlet environment.
  • Developed under JSR 344, JSF 2.2 is part of the larger Java EE 7 specification from the JCP. Even though Java EE 7 includes technologies like CDI 1.1 and Servlet 3.1, JSF 2.2 only depends on Java EE 6 technologies like CDI 1.0 and Servlet 3.0. This means that JSF 2.2 webapps and portlets can be deployed in Java EE 6 (Servlet 3.0) servlet containers such as Tomcat 7. However, Java EE 6 full-profile application servers such as GlassFish 3.2, JBoss 7.1, and WebLogic 12c bundle JSF 2.1 and cannot be upgraded to JSF 2.2. At the time of this writing, Liferay, Inc. has not released any Liferay Portal 6.2 bundles with Java EE 7 servers such as Tomcat 8, GlassFish 4.0 or JBoss/WildFly 8. Therefore version 4.2.5-ga6 is only supported Liferay Portal 6.2 on Tomcat 7.

API Changes

As outlined in FACES-1902FACES-1970FACES-2021, FACES-2025, and FACES-2166, there have been some changes to the Liferay Faces API. However since many of these changes were additions and/or clarifications to Liferay Faces API, upgrading to GA6 should be possible for most projects. If it is not possible to upgrade your projects, then please consider upgrading to Liferay Faces GA5 and associated patches.

Deprecated Tags

The following tags have been deprecated in the 3.2.5-ga6 release and removed in the 4.2.5-ga6 release:

Deprecated Tag Replacement Tag
aui:button-row alloy:buttonRow
aui:col alloy:column
aui:convertLongList No replacement available
aui:field alloy:field
aui:fieldset alloy:fieldset
aui:form alloy:form
aui:importConstants alloy:loadConstants
aui:layout alloy:panelGroup
aui:list alloy:dataList
aui:list-item alloy:dataItem
aui:row alloy:row
aui:text-box-list No replacement available
aui:text-box-list-item No replacement available
aui:script alloy:outputScript
aui-cc:appendToCssClasses() No replacement available
aui-cc:button alloy:commandButton
aui-cc:input alloy:inputText, alloy:inputTextarea, alloy:inputSecret, or alloy:selectBooleanCheckbox
aui-cc:message alloy:message
aui-cc:messages alloy:messages
liferay-security:permissionsURL portal:permissionsURL
liferay-ui:icon-menu No replacement available
liferay-ui:input-editor portal:inputRichText
liferay-ui:ice-info-data-paginator No replacement available
liferay-ui:ice-nav-data-paginator No replacement available
liferay-ui:ice-page-iterator No replacement available
liferay-ui:icon No replacement available
liferay-ui:message alloy:outputText
liferay-ui:panel alloy:panel
liferay-ui:panel-container alloy:panelGroup
liferay-ui:portlet-toolbar alloy:panelGroup
liferay-ui:separator alloy:panelGroup
liferay-util:validateCaptcha Validation is automatically built-in to portal:captcha
liferay-util:validateRichTextLength Validation is provided by portal:inputRichText via the minPlainTextChars and maxPlainTextChars attributes

Project Links

Version Scheme

Please refer to the Liferay Faces Version Scheme for a detailed explanation of the version numbering.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone in the community that reported issues, contributed patches, and participated in the forums!