Nate Cavanaugh | 12 Sep 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to clarify both our current status as well as our future direction, so I wanted to do that here. This blog post will be mainly a high level overview of what's new and different in Liferay 7, but over the coming weeks, different folks from our team will publish blog posts going into detail about the different areas regarding Liferay's...

Maarten van Heiningen | 29 Sep 2016

This blog is part of a series of entries on Mobile First with Liferay Screens. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]     Mobile First with Liferay Screens – part 2 Phlink   Part 1 of our blog series was about Liferay Screens and the benefits this development tool can offer organizations. This second part gives more information about Phlink, our...

Melanie Chung | 03 Sep 2016

Headed to Chicago for Liferay Symposium this year? If you’re short on time and need a handy guide to help you decide where to visit, here’s a list of must-see places:  1. Millennium Park Otherwise known as the “green heart” of urban Chicago, Millennium Park is a popular recreational area, often hosting a variety of special events, performances, and festivals, while...

Neil Griffin | 07 Sep 2016

On August 29, 2016 Liferay released a new version of Liferay Faces based on the new Liferay Faces Version Scheme. Because of our efforts towards greater modularity, many of the Liferay Faces artifacts now have independent release schedules. This new release includes support for JSF in Liferay Portal 7.0 / DXP as well as updated support for Liferay Portal 6.2. Downloads The...

Angela Wu | 02 Sep 2016

Build Your Agenda: Tools for Digital Business Enhance your conference experience by customizing your agenda. Browse 50+ sessions to explore Liferay tools for digital business, get firsthand knowledge on the latest features and best practices, and deep dive into personalizing customer experiences. Hear from our amazing community of industry experts, key...

Kailash Yadav | 19 Sep 2017

        In my previous blog, I wrote about Gadget/Widget and how we can use it in Liferay. Liferay provide great support of Gadgets. Liferay has out of box features like share portlet as widget and OpenSocial Gadget Editor where you can write gadget XML and publish in your portal. Liferay also provide OpenSocial Gadget plugin where admin can add third party gadgets...

Marcos Castro | 14 Nov 2016

Hi everyone!   Today, in a not-so-unexpected turn of events, we proudly present you Porygon.     "Start your own digital magazine" The new Porygon theme has been designed to get you started with your own digital magazine. Porygon is a modern and visually attractive theme that will bring new life to your already amazing contents. ...

Olaf Kock | 30 Aug 2016

Liferay comes with so many features that it's hard to judge when a feature is a good solution for a given problem. I'd like to shine some light onto some of these features and common misconceptions about them because it's easy to abuse them for purposes for which they're not well suited - despite making the impression they might. CC BY-ND 2.0 by S. Benno Today it's all about...

Samujjwal Sahu | 29 Aug 2016

The basic bundle that liferay provides with different Application servers are pretty straight forward to install and setup. So that using them one can easily get started with a working liferay portal. Actually the default settings that liferay provides is ideally for developers. Now the question is, whether it’s also safe to start using the same thing for production as well? Well the...

Jamie Sammons | 25 Aug 2016

I am pleased to announce the release of:  Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA3!  [Download Now] What's New Overriding LPKG Files: A while back I wrote a blog entry on patching OSGi modules. The original process wasn't very elegant because it involved altering the out of the box .lpkg files. GA3 now includes a way to override the out of the box modules without altering the...

Marcos Castro | 29 Sep 2016

Hi everyone!   A week ago we started the new serie of blog entries about our new themes for Liferay 7. Today, we gladly present you our second theme: Westeros Bank:     "A bank case" The Westeros Bank theme has been developed to showcase a realistic banking project. Sites like this are usually very complex. With this in...

Ignacio Roncero Bazarra | 15 Aug 2016

No te ha pasado nunca que usas algo habitualmente que te descuadra, que tiene algo que no entiendes del todo. Pues esa ha sido mi experiencia con el servicio de Counter de Liferay. Por ello me he sumergido en el código para entender el funcionamiento completo y así poder dormir tranquilo de nuevo  ¿Para qué sirve? El servicio Counter nos permite obtener el ID de forma...

Jamie Sammons | 16 Aug 2016

I wanted to share some testing that I have been doing in terms of patching OSGi modules and adding the patched modules to your own Liferay installations.  One of the many benefits to modularity is that it allows for these kinds of changes to be made without having to recompile the whole platform from scratch. Update: This procedure has been updated to make use of a new...

Javeed Chida | 19 Aug 2016

The Glorious Simplicity of Structure Inheritance This field (highlighted yellow) on a structure editing screen is what I am talking about. When I first saw the words Parent Structure there, the following thoughts came to mind, in increasing order of coolness All fields in the parent structure are inherited by the child structure The idea of polymorphic...

Melanie Chung | 30 Aug 2016

It’s never too early to plan your next meal–or your next, next, next meal for that matter. While it may seem like Liferay Symposium North America is a while away, it’ll be here before you know it. And when it does, you want to make sure you’re prepared to do one of the most important things a person can do while in Chicago. Eat. What follows is a list of Chicago’s must-eats. You...

Marcos Castro | 24 Sep 2016

Hi everyone!   For a long time themes have been one of the most required features in Liferay, and as we announced during last year, Liferay 7 will be a game changer. This will be the first out of four different blog entries in which we plan to present our vision for the theming layer moving forward.     "Real cases" To begin with, we...

Angela Wu | 05 Aug 2016

Last month, I attended BizBash LA for the second time (you can see my 2015 recap here). I had a great time hearing from industry leaders and meeting fellow event professionals. It’s one of the few times I get to enjoy events from the attendees’ perspective, and it was reaffirming to realize that as planners, we all encounter unpredictable issues at our events, no matter how much...

priti parmar | 02 Aug 2016

Liferay Arquillian test cases using maven and spring Arquillian integrates seamlessly with familiar testing frameworks (e.g., JUnit, TestNG), allowing tests to be launched using existing IDE, Ant and Maven test plugins. ...

Melanie Chung | 25 Jul 2016

Every 30 seconds, someone becomes a victim of human trafficking. It’s a sad reality, and here are some common myths and misconceptions about this crime: “Human trafficking victims always come from situations of poverty or from small rural villages.”  Reality: Although poverty can be a factor in human trafficking because it is often an indicator of vulnerability, poverty alone...

Patrick Chung | 26 Jul 2016

For my very first EVP trip, my family and I had to opportunity to shadow the day-to-day operations of Solidarity Brasil and ABBA. These organizations share many of the same core values as Liferay to care for children in their city, São Paulo, Brazil. What I did varied from manual labor for a house that will be used as an aftercare center for underage girls victimized by...