Announcing the new Community Blogs and Forums

When we sat down to create the site we had some ambitious goals in mind. We wanted to build a place where the community could feel at home. We wanted them to know that they're important and that we care. We wanted them to be able to connect and learn from each other.

In order to accomplish that vision we had to give one step at a time. We started by crafting a modern and functional experience, where users would be able to know better the whole family of Liferay projects and stay on the loop with the most relevant news.

We like to eat our own dog food so we decided to use Electric and WeDeploy to build that site. After we launched, everybody loved it and we continued to improve and add new sections like the User Groups

Now we're very excited to announce the new Community Blogs and Forums!

This is a huge step for us, we migrated over 10 years of data with more than 2,300 blog entries and 388,000 forum posts .

We also moved the whole site to use Liferay Portal CE and, while we could have used Liferay DXP to built it, we decided to use the Community Edition to prove how powerful and valuable this version still is. In the infrastructure side, we continued to use WeDeploy, but now with a much more robust stack of services, databases, and backups.

New Forums

For the forums we're using pretty much the same concept as before. All content is available for you to read and search through. If you want to create a post or leave a comment, you just have to login with your account.

The biggest improvements here are on the user experience level. We're using the built-in interface found on Liferay Portal CE which makes it much easier to consume content and interact with others. The new editor will also improve the experience of writing comments and new posts.

Previous Forums:

New Forums:

New Blogs

For the blogs we're also keeping the ability for anyone to write them. We believe that's a very important piece for the community to stay vibrant, but at the same time we want to guarantee that people won't see misleading information or spam, so in order to maintain the quality of the posts a review process has been introduced before anything gets published.

To create a new post you have to go to the Blogs page and find the "Write a blogpost too!" section. From there you can login using your account and start writing your new masterpiece.

Just like the Forums, the Blogs received many user experience improvements.  You will once again be able to write and edit your posts with the new and intuitive editor.

Previous Blogs:

New Blogs

What do you think?

We hope these new changes have made your life easier. If you have any feedback please feel free to share with us. We would love to get your opinions :)


It looks good, but some comment though.  When you want to follow a persons blogs for example when he produces a series of blogs you can not select its name nor another way of finding them.  Well old links for some (external) people still work like But yours for example ttps:// is not up to date? So probably only the old series are to be found this way How about Search then to find older Blogs ?!   C.heers

Hi everyone. I've been out of the Liferay blogosphere a long time, just getting back into it.


I submitted a post a couple days back (on Sep 15). it was approved earlier today, but although the post shows up on the aggregator (i.e., when I click a post, I get a page not found error.


I wonder if I'm missing something.