Liferay joins Open Source leaders in protecting developers

Liferay adopts the GPL common cure commitment

Liferay, Inc was established on the the strong foundation of an Open Source project. The company has since grown to offer many different projects and products, yet we continue to believe in and support Open Source.


To further emphasise our support, today we are publicly committing to offering the much friendlier GPLv3 cure approach to licensees of also our GPLv2, LGPLv2.1 and LGPLv2 licensed code.

In practical terms, this means that if you accidentally violate the license of Liferay Portal for example, we would give you a grace period in which you could fix your mistake.


With this we are joining the movement of both volunteers as well as companies, who want to make sure that developing new and evolving existing Open Source software in collaborative fashion is not stifled by draconic license termination clauses.


At Liferay we want to encourage innovation and collaboration, and as such it has never been our intention to (mis)use our projects’ Open Source licenses against honest users and developers. We are extremely happy to see the IT industry come together and make this easier with such an elegant legal hack, which we are now a proud user of.

The GPL Cooperation Commitment also allows individuals to show their support, so we would like to encourage all engineers and open source advocates to make the commitment. Please visit the GPL Cooperation Commitment project on GitHub to learn more, and perhaps join us in this movement as well.