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Minhchau Dang | 12 Oct 2017

When a new intern onboards in the LAX office, their first step is to build Liferay from source. As a side-effect of that, usually the person that handles the intern onboarding will see that the reported ant all time is in hours rather than in minutes, and then start asking people, "Is it normal for it take this long to build Liferay for the first time?" It happens frequently...

Neil Jin | 15 May 2017

In this tutorial, I am going to talk about how to utilize promise object to access web service in Liferay DXP.   Before we get into more detail, please take a note that the version Liferay I am using is Liferay DXP DE-15, since there's big soy development experience improvement in this patch.   Previously...

Yanan Yuan | 10 May 2017

Hello all,   We are pleased to announce that we have pushed a new release of Liferay IDE 3.1 to the milestones updatesite. You can install the new release here as usual:   For full list of the bundles that includes Eclipse Neon 3 JavaEE package with Liferay IDE 3.1 M3 pre-installed: ...

Jonathan Lundy | 19 Apr 2017

From the very beginning, we knew that great documentation was crucial to successfully sharing WeDeploy with the world. Since then, we have been exploring new ways to take the WeDeploy learning experience to the next level, which is why we are excited to announce a brand new sibling in the documentation family: Tutorials.   Which topics are covered? ...

Neil Griffin | 11 Apr 2017

Overview JCP & JSRs JCP Governance JCP Membership JSR Implementations Benefits Participating in Expert Groups Participating in Adopt-a-JSR Benefits to Using Java Standards Longevity Popularity & Familiarity Backward Compatibility Based on Innovation Community...

Jan Verweij | 13 Apr 2017

Hypothesis proven by experiments are the best way to discover customer sentiment. Major sites like are using A/B testing in their day-to-day operations to discover these sentiments. Within Liferay DXP it is possible to create A/B testing scenario's using Application Display Templates and randomly displaying something like a green or blue submit button and adding...

James Hinkey | 06 Apr 2017

Whether you've been developing on DXP: Digital Enterprise 7.0 or Liferay CE Portal 7.0, or are starting Liferay Poral EE/CE 6.2 plugin development, you'll need to configure your environment with a supported JDK and a compatible Ant installation. Here are some steps to help orient you for developing in the Liferay Plugins SDK 6.2. Check the Liferay Portal compatibility...

Fady Hakim | 02 Apr 2017

I did 9 videos to demostrate Liferay DXP and I uploaded them on youtube:   Video 1: Introduction to Liferay DXP and the Demo Video 2: Liferay DXP Page & Content creation, Content Templates , localization, Workflow. Video 3: Liferay DXP Content permission, Asset publisher, Search...

Jamie Sammons | 07 Mar 2017

Introduction Liferay Portal has been nominated for the SourceForge Project of the Month for April! Nominees are selected from projects that have recently been a Project of the Week, have a high total number of downloads in the previous month, are generally well-established and have positive user feedback. Should Liferay be elected as the Project of the Month, we will be...

Zeno Rocha | 28 Feb 2017

  Every other year we have a company retreat where people from all over the world travel to California for a series of meetings and team building activities.   This is a very unique opportunity for us and we're always thinking about ways to maximize it. This time we decided to organize another internal hackathon. That way...

Andy Wu | 17 Feb 2017

Hi all, We are happy to say that we have the new milestone for Liferay IDE 3.1 released as described in section Updates and Feedback in Liferay IDE 3.1 Milestone 1 Released. Go to to install the updatesite. If you want to download full Eclipse Neon bundled with Liferay IDE, just go to this page. The only...

David Truong | 03 Feb 2017

A search for a better SDK A little over a year ago, the Dev Tools Team began a new project hoping to fix the issues we encountered with the Plugins SDK. We had just finished modularizing our developer tools and were considering revamping the Plugins SDK to use all the new tools. This in itself would be a major improvement since we would no longer require a 300mb bundle just to use...

Justin Choi | 23 Jan 2017

Three weeks ago marked the sixth year anniversary for me. It came and went quietly. I probably would have not posted anything but something said at this past retreat prompted me to reconsider.  In the past six years, at each retreat, I have had the pleasure to work and play so many different nationalities and backgrounds. Some are married. Some are single. Some are male; some...

Jonathan Lundy | 18 Apr 2017

Hey! My name is Jonni and I'm a UI intern on the WeDeploy team. I joined back in November and wanted to share a couple things from my first three months at Liferay.                               I have no coding background. Before my...

Neil Jin | 09 Jan 2017

原文作者:David H Nebinger 原文地址: 如有問題,歡迎在原文下面討論,也歡迎在這裡留言。   假設在Liferay DXP平臺上開發module的時候,遇見了需要運行環境(runtime)的依賴的時候,該怎麼辦? 在這片簡短的文章中,我會介紹幾種方法... 假設你有一個module需要iText(和iText的依賴)作為依賴。這其實和module本身的功能關係不是很大,但是你現在有這個依賴,需要一種方法來使用它。   方法 1 - 放在全域(global)目錄下   ...

Neil Jin | 17 Dec 2016

本文在于讨论如何在Liferay DXP(Liferay 7)中使用公共参数(public render parameter)支持IPC。 关键点:     在6.2以前的,我们需要在portlet.xml中声明公共参数,但是在OSGi时代,我们需要在Component中进行声明:      "javax.portlet.supported-public-render-parameter=message"      其中“message”是公共参数的名称。      声明之后,就可以像使用普通render parameter一样使用这个参数了。    ...

Neil Jin | 13 Dec 2016

This is the way how to make IPC through public render parameter in Liferay DXP(Lfieray 7). Key point:      You need to add a supported render parameter in all portlet's Component Annotation.      "javax.portlet.supported-public-render-parameter=message"      The "message" is the public render parameter name.  ...

Gregory Amerson | 13 Dec 2016

Hello all, First off I wanted to let everyone know that we have released a new milestone for Liferay IDE 3.1 You can install it into your Eclipse using below updatesite below: For full list of download see this page. Code Upgrade Tool Its been awhile since we have released a new update to Liferay IDE, but it...

Olaf Kock | 12 Dec 2016

Once again: Devcon is over (actually, for quite a while now) and it's time to look back. If only because the Recap site is public. You can now watch the video recordings of presentations that you've missed, download slides and go through everything again. Just like last year, we've started with the Unconference on Monday (day 0). Also, like last year, the Unconference was...

Eduardo P. Garcia | 06 Dec 2016

One more year, it's been great to meet many of you at our events. This time I dedicated one of my workshops to the migration of 6.2 plugin projects to Liferay 7.0. I knew that some of you had already started planning this migration and you would find it helpful, so thanks for the good feedback. And thank you even more for all your questions, as they help us know what your concerns...