How to start a Liferay User Group (LUG)?

  1. Be passionate about being a local LUG organizer

  2. Contact Developer Relations team ( and provide information about LUG. 

    • Proposed LUG name

    • The LUG’s region and the main city

    • The LUG’s common interest and the reason for the group to exist (e.g. “Liferay backend developers”, “WeDeploy users”, “meetings for local partners and customers”)

    • Organizer’s contact information

  3. Developer Relations team will evaluate the request and create the group on Meetup.

  4. Provided Meetup accounts will be upgraded to co-organizers on which will allow them to fully manage their group.

  5. Provided Liferay Community Chat accounts will be invited to the lug-organizers private channel.

  6. Provided e-mail addresses will be automatically subscribed to the LUG newsletter.

From that moment you’ll have 3 months to reach and maintain the minimal requirements for a LUG.

Minimal requirements for LUGs

  • Have at least two co-organizers, one of which must not be employed by or have a direct affiliation with a Liferay Partner company.

  • Maintain at least 20 members.

  • Organize at least one event per month with at least 10 people attending.