David Gomez | 30 Nov 2020

El año 2020 va a pasar a la historia por ser el año del confinamiento, de las restricciones de movilidad, de mantener las distancias sociales. Mantener distancia física en nuestras relaciones sociales para cuidarnos y tener a salvo a nuestra familia y nuestros seres queridos es prioritario. Pero eso no impide que dejemos de relacionarnos, sólo lo hacemos de una forma distinta, y eso...

Andre Kreienbring | 30 Nov 2020

Every one knows that bringing a website online means to face some challenges to be compliant with the local law. Especially in Europe we face the changes that were introduced in 2018. This blog post is about the Liferay way to deal with cookies and I think it's worth to think about it. To learn about the rules in Europe you could read this: Ultimate Guide to EU Cookie Laws. It...

Zankar Shah | 25 Nov 2020

Requirement : Hide the control panel menu by if users have logged in.   In theme we know that by adding <@liferay.control_menu/> macro, we get control panel menu.  But sometimes we want it conditional.  We don't want control panel menu to appear on the screen by default which can take up header space.  The control panel menu is added by adding...

Jonas Choi | 24 Nov 2020

In Part 1, I presented a brief overview of how the local file system can interact with the official Liferay Docker images. In this part, I will cover how to migrate or convert an existing bundle that is running on a local machine into a Docker image that is easily maintainable and distributable, with an eye towards DXP Cloud. This is not a full tutorial on Docker, and as such, I...

Jonas Choi | 24 Nov 2020

While the official Liferay Docker images have been out and available for many years now, and I'm sure many people are making use of them, I haven't been able to find documentation or a guide that talks about using them, so I wrote this. This is the result of my own experimentation and usage of said images. In this part, we will cover what the Liferay Docker image offers and the...

David Gomez | 19 Nov 2020

This time, things are a little bit different to last year (in case you haven’t noticed ). Our Developer Conference has been a great platform throughout the past 7 years to strengthen the Liferay community by enabling you to connect, exchange and have fun together. Our mission remains the same for 2021, just executed in a slightly different format. And the good thing is, for the...

Olaf Kock | 13 Nov 2020

The old saying that "many roads lead to Rome" is a universal truth. In "Productive Feature Abuse", I'm using Liferay-Features "off-label" - in a way that they were not intended to be used. Naturally, we'll run into limitations, but in some situations this might still do what you want with less effort. And just like in the first incarnation, here's another one related to staging. ...

Neil Griffin | 12 Nov 2020

We recently published versions of Liferay Faces artifacts to Maven Central that support deployment of JSF thin WARs. There is A LOT of work we have to do in JIRA before we can produce proper release notes, and we're still working on Maven archetypes that support thin WARs. But this is a long-awaited feature for many JSF portlet developers, and so I'd like to take a moment to show...

Olaf Kock | 12 Nov 2020

Sometimes there are several ways to achieve a goal - and this is a story about one of those times, and one of those different paths to achieve a goal. Recently, in a conversation, I came across two different ways to solve the same problem: One is way more graphical than the other, and both have their advantages, disadvantages and limitations: How to edit next month's special...

Ashley Yuan | 16 Nov 2020

The new Liferay IntelliJ 1.8.1 plugin supports IntelliJ 202 and greater. Head over to this page for downloading. Release Highlights Support both blade 3.9.2 and latest 4.0.5 Add support for creating gradle workspace using liferay.workspace.product Improvements on creating a ext project Add a new wizard to prompt users to select...

Manushi Jani | 05 Nov 2020

Hello Folks, In order to to achieve the context path(relative path of a liferay portlet) we have been using a method called public String getContextPath(). Ex. we want to include an image , css or js file in a jsp .We write something as following: <script src="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/js/mobileCompatibility.js"></script> <script...

Roselaine Marques | 04 Nov 2020

NOTICE: This blog  post has Spanish and English version.                       ...Done the part 1, we can continue with the integration of the payment gateway... Step 3, Integrating the payment method with the Redsys gateway by Redirection 1.  In the package...

Roselaine Marques | 10 Nov 2020

NOTICE: This blog  post has Spanish and English version. Hello Liferayers, here I am again, this time with a step by step on how to create a new “Payment Method” for Liferay Commerce easily. In this example we’ll use the Redsys Service (a payment provider known in Spain) as a payment gateway. If you are new to the world of Liferay Commerce,...

Álvaro Saugar | 03 Nov 2020

//La versión en español del artículo se puede encontrar en: No hay dos sin tres, LUGSpain This year the group photo that we usually take, and is the headline of the annual summary, looks a little different. Due to the pandemic in which we are, we could not meet in person, but thanks to David Gómez, we were able to do it in the virtual recreation of Liferay Café (made with Mozilla's...

Ashley Yuan | 30 Oct 2020

This new package support for Eclipse Photon or greater, and integrate Blade 4.0.5 and Liferay Gradle Workspace Plugin 3.0.11. Community Download Customers Download

Álvaro Saugar | 18 Nov 2020

//The english version of this article can be found here:  All good things come in threes, LUGSpain Este año la foto de grupo que solemos hacer, y es portada del resumen anual, tiene un aspecto algo diferente. Debido a la pandemia en la que nos encontramos no nos pudimos juntar… de forma presencial, ya que gracias a David Gómez, pudimos hacerlo en la recreación virtual de...

Jamie Sammons | 26 Oct 2020

At DEVCON 2019 we announced several initiatives aimed at streamlining interactions between us and our community in order to make it easier to find the information needed to aid in a project or to provide feedback on features within the Liferay Portal product itself. Liferay Portal CE Rolling Releases The first of these initiatives was our new rolling release cycle which...

Andre Kreienbring | 23 Oct 2020

Yesterday I wrote about localizing the E-Mail subject. Turns out that identifying the receiver of workflow notifications is tricky. Another challenge is having your localization utilities available in the Freemarker templates of the workflow nodes. The only list of variables and objects that developers can use in the templates is from Liferay 6.2 and is probably outdated. But...

Andre Kreienbring | 22 Oct 2020

Diving into the "Simple Approver" workflow and trying to localize it, I made some observations I'd like to share with you. Some of them may or may not be considered as bugs, but I'll get to that later. When talking about localization I wanted to have the text in my portlets resource bundle. So the first challenge I faced: How to access my from the Freemarker...

Sergio Sanchez | 18 Nov 2020

  Here is a quick tip to optimize the elasticsearch installation that you might be using with your Liferay Portal or DXP 7.x (7.0, 7.1 or 7.2) and Oracle JDK 8. The optimization, if you are affected by this bug, will contribute to a lower CPU use and a lower latency in the requests coming to elasticsearch through Liferay Portal/DXP. Root cause If you’re using JDK...