Andrea Tamás | 29 May 2017

Borkuti Pétert, a Liferay Hungary UI Technical Support Engineer-jét faggattam, aki a jóga elkötelezett híve és robotikai ismereteivel színesíti kollégái mindennapjait.     ***   Tanári pályán kezdted, aztán jött a fejlesztés. Miért pont a UI?   Matematika-Számítástechnika tanári az első diplomám ez igaz, de már a gimnáziumban is...

Yanan Yuan | 26 May 2017

3.1 Beta 1 and Installers Released   Hello all,   We IDE team are pleased to announce the new release of Liferay IDE, Liferay Developer Studio: version 3.1 Beta1, and Liferay Workspace Installer 1.2.4.   Liferay IDE 3.1 Beta 1   You can update or install the new release of Liferay IDE here as usual:   ...

Santiago Pérez de la Cámara | 19 Jul 2017

Versiones a las que se puede aplicar este post: Liferay CE 7.0 GA3 / Liferay CE 7.0 GA4 Liferay Plugins SDK 7.0 GA3 / Liferay Plugins SDK 7.0 GA4   Previo a la instalación de Liferay Plugins SDK 7 Antes de instalar este entorno, es necesario que hayamos instalado previamente: Liferay IDE El Bundle de Liferay CE 7 Portal o...

Minhchau Dang | 12 Oct 2017

When a new intern onboards in the LAX office, their first step is to build Liferay from source. As a side-effect of that, usually the person that handles the intern onboarding will see that the reported ant all time is in hours rather than in minutes, and then start asking people, "Is it normal for it take this long to build Liferay for the first time?" It happens frequently...


As we all know, Liferay 7 (DXP) come with new features/improvements including functional/architectural. One of them is forms which is an improved version of Kaleo Forms, DDL. Kaleo forms and DDL is having limited capabilities and good for few use cases. DXP now provides simple way for content creators to create forms. It is much like adding content on the page. Its easy to modify...

David H Nebinger | 18 May 2017

Introduction Today I ran into someone having issues with ServiceBuilder and the creation of UpgradeProcess implementations. The doco is a little bit confusing, so I thought I'd do a quick blog post sharing how the pieces fit... Normal UpgradeProcess Implementations As a reminder, you register UpgradeProcess implementations to support upgrading from, say, 1.0.0 to 2.0.0,...

Jan Eerdekens | 15 May 2017

Historically there have been a number of extension points in Liferay that enable developers to hook into portal events and add their own custom/additional behaviour. In Liferay DXP this is still the case and the list below shows when certain events are fired and in which order. You’ll notice that a number of events are mentioned multiple times because they’re shown in the context of a...

Madeline Dickson | 13 May 2017

This cyber-attack has already been called the biggest in history. It targeted more than 75 countries and infected more than 250,000 computers. WannaCry ransomware has no mercy, hospitals, railways, government agencies, homes users – are all under attack. In Russia, the attack was the most massive. The messages that are coming now resemble reports from computer fronts....

Neil Jin | 15 May 2017

In this tutorial, I am going to talk about how to utilize promise object to access web service in Liferay DXP.   Before we get into more detail, please take a note that the version Liferay I am using is Liferay DXP DE-15, since there's big soy development experience improvement in this patch.   Previously...

Yanan Yuan | 10 May 2017

Hello all,   We are pleased to announce that we have pushed a new release of Liferay IDE 3.1 to the milestones updatesite. You can install the new release here as usual:   For full list of the bundles that includes Eclipse Neon 3 JavaEE package with Liferay IDE 3.1 M3 pre-installed: ...

David H Nebinger | 16 May 2017

Introduction When it comes to Liferay performance tuning, there is one golden rule: The more you offload from the application server, the better your performance will be. This applies to all aspects of Liferay. Using Solr/Elastic is always better than using the embedded Lucene. While PDFBox works, you get better performance by offloading that work to ImageMagick...

David H Nebinger | 05 May 2017

So I have a blog I created a long time ago dealing w/ Liferay and SSL. The foundation of that blog post was my Fronting Liferay Tomcat with Apache HTTPd post and added terminating SSL at HTTPd and configuring the Liferay instance running under Tomcat to use HTTPS for all of the communication. If you tear into the second post, you'll find that I was using the AJP connector to...

David H Nebinger | 03 May 2017

In case you aren't aware, Liferay 7 CE and Liferay DXP default to using Hikari CP for the connection pools. Why?  Well here's a pretty good reason: Hikari just kicks the pants of any other connection pool implementation. So Liferay is using Hikari CP, and you should too. I know what you're thinking.  It's something along the lines of: But Dave, we're...

Jonathan Lundy | 19 Apr 2017

From the very beginning, we knew that great documentation was crucial to successfully sharing WeDeploy with the world. Since then, we have been exploring new ways to take the WeDeploy learning experience to the next level, which is why we are excited to announce a brand new sibling in the documentation family: Tutorials.   Which topics are covered? ...

Vikash Kumar | 18 Apr 2017

<script type = "text/javascript" > (function (global) {   if(typeof (global) === "undefined") { throw new Error("window is undefined"); }       var _hash = "#";     var noBackPlease = function () {        ...

Jorge Díaz | 22 Jan 2020

Importing in eclipse all java classes from osgi modules Up to Liferay 6.2, when you opened Liferay project in eclipse, you had all classes imported in project classpath, so you was able to debug Liferay code and execute classes and method searchs. Since Liferay 7.0, there is a big problem: Liferay project classpaths only includes the core classes and all osgi modules are missing,...

Neil Griffin | 11 Apr 2017

Overview JCP & JSRs JCP Governance JCP Membership JSR Implementations Benefits Participating in Expert Groups Participating in Adopt-a-JSR Benefits to Using Java Standards Longevity Popularity & Familiarity Backward Compatibility Based on Innovation Community...

Neil Jin | 19 Apr 2017

Liferay DXP本身帶有一個Carousel的範本,但是這個範本使用的是舊的AUI的範本。現在因為Liferay DXP是基於Lexicon和Bootstrap 3的,創建一個響應式的圖片播放非常簡單。   基本需求: 圖片播放基本功能 螢幕尺寸變化後,圖片不變型 修改圖片不需要修改代碼 不需要部署外掛程式 可複用   分析: 可以利用Bootstrap 3的carousel外掛程式實現圖片播放基本功能( 可以利用Lexicon的Image Aspect...

Jan Verweij | 13 Apr 2017

Hypothesis proven by experiments are the best way to discover customer sentiment. Major sites like are using A/B testing in their day-to-day operations to discover these sentiments. Within Liferay DXP it is possible to create A/B testing scenario's using Application Display Templates and randomly displaying something like a green or blue submit button and adding...

Neil Jin | 10 Apr 2017

Liferay DXP ships with a default carousel Application Display Template in global site. But this one is an old fashion AUI one that has been used often before DXP. Since Liferay DXP support Lexicon, I am going to show you how to utilize Lexicon and Bootstrap to create a true mobile responsive carousel in web content. It's remarkably easy with Lexicon and Bootstrap to create...