All good things come in threes, LUGSpain

//La versión en español del artículo se puede encontrar en: No hay dos sin tres, LUGSpain

This year the group photo that we usually take, and is the headline of the annual summary, looks a little different. Due to the pandemic in which we are, we could not meet in person, but thanks to David Gómez, we were able to do it in the virtual recreation of Liferay Café (made with Mozilla's Hubs) where the Madrid Community meetups are usually organized in Liferay's offices.

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This allowed us to leave the routine behind and try new ways of "seeing" each other and talking

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But something has not changed, and as a tradition, with the celebration of the Symposium, the tech Community met to take the balance of the year and to be able to set the objectives for the next year.

In the facts that we commented on in the meeting there are a couple of them that clearly reflects what has been the evolution of the tech community:

  • The number of participants in the tech Community has increased

Evolution of LUGSpain members

  • Attendance - We held the first session online, then attendance dropped, just after March.


  • Visualizations -  They have an average of 50 visualizations (usually in the month after the session)

VisualizationThe confinement has changed the tendency, the change to the online, was very good the first one but the rest was lowering. Besides the tendency of talks of people of the tech community was 50%, and still has fallen a little. As it was commented in the meeting, the tiredness of the work and having to remain connected in remote for the session made it harder, not being able to meet and be able to engage in conversations as in the face to face way.

So this made the goals of the year:

  • Continue to involve members in the realization of talks,

  • Encourage the creation of local groups and offer formats

  • Meetups with other tech communities that have a technological relationship.

  • Collection of ideas to improve the LUGSpain (surely by sending the form)

  • The LUGs will propose talks even if they are not on the same day. The idea is not to block sessions because not all venues can meet. In order to share all sessions, talks will continue to be broadcast in streaming.

They have been altered resulting in work in other areas:

  • Improving remote connections (using jitsi

  • Creation of Suggestion Box forms and Proposals for talks, to

  • Web for the Community in which the contents can be searched, thus achieving more documentation in Spanish

  • PoC to improve the use of Slack

Among the proposals that were put forward for this year :

  • Increasing content in Spanish

  • Improve visibility of the tech community and channels (not easy to find them)

  • Create content for all levels, making the learning curve easier

But the year has had other interesting points, such as the participation of the LUGSpain Community in the great event of the year of the Liferay Community around the world, /dev/24, organized by Olaf Kockand David Gómez and that was a great event with very interesting sessions. 

LUGSpain members in /dev/24

It has also opened up new opportunities as people from the other side of the Atlantic have joined the sessions, allowing us to work to build a Spanish-speaking community and share much more.

To finish, we leave the list with all the sessions of this past year: