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David H Nebinger | 02 Mar 2022

Another quick one this week... A community member reached out and asked for help with a problem on their DXP Cloud site. They were already working with DXP Cloud support, but they had been struggling with the issue for over a week and were trying to get help from all corners... When they accessed their site using the direct URL (an internal URL that all DXP Cloud admins have access to), the...

David H Nebinger | 07 Feb 2022

Introduction I've worked with clients that, for one reason or another, needed to change their database platform. This ask has increased with the move to DXPCloud and MySQL database. I'm not sure there's a well defined plan for how to migrate a Liferay database, so I thought I'd blog about it. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I'm a planner and I create (sometimes intricate)...

Madhukar Kumar | 21 Jan 2022

What is two-way ssl communication? In two-ways ssl authentication, Client and server need to validate and authenticate each other's identities. This can be summarized with the picture below. How ever, I will be writing a separate post about SSL and two-way authentication later.         In this post we will talk about calling external API which is two way SSL...

David H Nebinger | 27 Aug 2021

Introduction I posted two blog posts this week, and each of them had a particular drawback - lack of cluster coordination. The first blog post on cluster-enabled upgrade processes introduced using an @Reference dependency upon a specific Release version, the idea being that the component shouldn't start unless that version was available. When the upgrade process would run on the cluster...

David H Nebinger | 19 Jul 2021

Introduction So I was recently asked to help build a custom Liferay docker image for a client and there were some specific requirements such as: Should not contain hard-coded credentials, those will be available as environment variables. Should be a single image that can be used in every environment, DEV, UAT and PROD. Now these kinds of things can be challenging to do if you were to...

David H Nebinger | 12 Jul 2021

Introduction Recently I asked some of my teammates for ideas about what to blog about next. Most of the time I take my inspiration from different clients I work with or questions that come up on the Liferay Community channels, but lately the well has seemed kind of dry. So I went fishing for suggestions. My friend Andrew Betts, who happens to be in the Liferay DXP Cloud (DXPC) team suggested...

David H Nebinger | 18 Jun 2021

IntroductionAs many folks know, I'm known for telling people not to look inside the Liferay database itself. It's not always clear what is what in the DB and Liferay has a lot of code around retrieving and updating data that you likely will not get completely right if you were to update the DB directly.I typically end with "Always, always use the Liferay API for your data needs..."And, if...

David H Nebinger | 27 Apr 2021

Introduction One of the great advantages I have being known in the community is really the opportunity to meet, talk and work with talented developers and teams. Recently the team at ACSoftware announced in the Liferay Community Slack they were working on a new Liferay development tool, and I was fortunate enough to work with them on evaluation and testing. As it is just released, I...

David H Nebinger | 17 Aug 2021

About a year ago, Liferay introduced a new program that I have been actively participating in, Liferay Developer Services. But what is this program? Liferay Support When you are a Liferay DXP customer, you automatically get access to Liferay Support as part of the Subscription Services. Support is staffed by a great bunch of people that want to help clients resolve product-level issues....


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