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Neil Griffin | 15 Sep 2022

"There is nothing new under the sun" - King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 1 In one sense, this blog entry doesn't contain anything new. In another sense, since it brings pieces of prior entries together, I hope that it provides some new insight for portlet developers to overcome the "Unresolved requirement: Import-Package" deployment error. Reference Blog...

David H Nebinger | 09 Aug 2022

Just a quick one today... A community member reported getting an exception during module deployment: INFO [][AutoDeployDir:238] Processing ERROR [fileinstall-directory-watcher][DirectoryWatcher:1195] Unable to start bundle: ...

David H Nebinger | 27 Jul 2022

Introduction You may have seen my blog Setting Up JNDI in Liferay 7.4 which I posted to explain how to do a JNDI lookup. The code works, I assure you, but there's one group of developers that blog didn't serve: Spring Portlet Developers. Whether you are developing using PortletMVC4Spring and Spring 5, or you are developing using Spring Portlet MVC under an older ...

David H Nebinger | 22 Jul 2022

Introduction I've been working with a client to upgrade their Spring portlet wars to Liferay 7.4. And the update is kind of big as we're upgrading Spring, changing to PortletMVC4Spring (needed for Spring 5), ... They have a large number of Spring portlet wars, but in reviewing the code I noticed that each of the wars had duplicate Spring services defined into the Spring...

Neil Griffin | 21 Jul 2022

Celebrating 10 Years of Liferay Faces The Liferay Faces project began back in 2012, and 10 years later we're celebrating the most significant release in the history of the project, including: Standards-based support for Portlet 3.0 + JSF 2.2 (JSR 378) Runtime support for Portlet 3.0 + JSF 2.3 Support for Liferay CE/DXP 7.4 Support for thick and thin WAR artifact...

Maharajan Paramasivan | 29 Apr 2022

Part-1 | What & Why & When Custom Liferay Framework Create your own Liferay Framework, Understand the possibilities to write your own Liferay framework for any complex custom developed solution which could evolve with time like any other Liferay Out Of The Box Feature. Custom Liferay Framework - What? Alright! This is where we set the context. What is a Framework? ...

Maharajan Paramasivan | 28 Apr 2022

Part-2 | How to Custom Liferay Framework? Implement your own Custom Liferay Framework over a simple use case and understand the possibilities and capabilities that open up. Continuing on top of the perspectives and ideas discussed in Part 1 of the blog series, we will try to implement our own Custom Liferay Framework for a simple use case picked up from one of the Liferay OOTB...

Mohammed Yasin | 21 Apr 2022

Liferay provides an option to configure password policy (refer), it provides an option to mention Password Expiry Time. Once the Password is expired then user will not be able to login to the system and when user tries to login, Liferay shows error message :   Error: Your password has expired. Please contact an administrator to reset your password. Admin needs to reset the user...

Neil Griffin | 04 Apr 2022

The following versions of PortletMVC4Spring were released on April 1, 2022 AD: (NOT an April Fools joke, BTW -- the release actually occurred on that day) Version Description   5.3.2For use with Spring Framework 5.3.x (tested with 5.3.18)Release Notes          For download coordinates and archetype usage, see the ...

David H Nebinger | 26 Jan 2022

Introduction I was recently polling my coworkers looking for new blog ideas, and Filipe Melo asked about Websockets. I haven't seen any other documentation or blogs about building Websocket solutions for Liferay, so I figured this would be an interesting challenge. Websockets was introduced to provide a full duplex and realtime client/server communication path between remote clients and your...

David H Nebinger | 26 Jan 2022

Introduction My friend and coworker Eric Chin recently posed a question on our internal slack channels asking if anyone had experience with Liferay's Batch mode and he was not finding enough supporting documentation on it. Although I hadn't yet worked with Liferay Batch, I kind of took it as a challenge to not only give it a try, but more importantly to document it in a new blog post, so here...

Neil Griffin | 06 Jan 2022

The following versions of PortletMVC4Spring were released on January 5, 2022 AD: Version Description   5.3.1 For use with Spring Framework 5.3.x (tested with 5.3.12) Release Notes 5.2.2 For use with Spring Framework 5.2.x (tested with 5.2.18.RELEASE) Release Notes 5.1.3 For use with Spring Framework 5.1.x (tested with 5.1.20.RELEASE)...

David H Nebinger | 27 Aug 2021

Introduction I posted two blog posts this week, and each of them had a particular drawback - lack of cluster coordination. The first blog post on cluster-enabled upgrade processes introduced using an @Reference dependency upon a specific Release version, the idea being that the component shouldn't start unless that version was available. When the upgrade process would run on the cluster...

David H Nebinger | 24 Aug 2021

Just a quick one... I've just updated my Log Persister project for Liferay 7.3. You can find it under the 7.3 branch: For those that aren't aware, I introduced the Log Persister here: Normally Liferay does not persist logging. If you make any changes in...

David H Nebinger | 24 Aug 2021

I recently was helping a client with an upgrade process and that had run into a little problem... A few of the model hints were not updated on some of the columns in their Service Builder services and, as we all know, Service Builder will not ensure the columns are changed in a production environment (well, actually any environment where the property is not set...

David H Nebinger | 16 Aug 2021

A really quick post to share something important with you React + Clay developers out there... A recent update to Clay had a breaking internal change. If after deploying your React portlet and you try to place it on the page and you get errors in the JS console like: liferay-amd-loader | Errors returned from server for require( ["my-module@1.0.0"] ): "Missing dependency...

David H Nebinger | 06 Aug 2021

Introduction A client asked me to build a React portlet for them and I was like, "Oh Yeah!" I mean, it's been a while since I built a React portlet and tooling has really changed a lot since then, so I was really looking forward to this new task. So without further ado, I'm just going to dive right in... Creating the Module Okay, so this is still Liferay and still OSGi, so we're going to be...

Neil Griffin | 14 Jul 2021

Each year at about this time I try to post the download stats for the Liferay Faces project. I am pleased to report that downloads for the Liferay Faces project hit another all time high back in September of 2020, and held fairly steady until January of this year (2021). Downloads seem to take a dip after the holidays, so perhaps that's why we saw a drop-off in February. Since then,...

Olaf Kock | 09 Jul 2021

If you’ve ever looked at a Liferay workflow implementation and its scripts, you might have seen workflowContext being referenced in the scripts that are executed in the individual tasks and states. I’ve recently had my first scripting contact with Workflow, and wanted to look at this context, and what it can do for me. Digging a bit, you’ll find out that workflowContext is a Map<String,...

Neil Griffin | 02 Jun 2021

The following versions of PortletMVC4Spring were released on June 2, 2021 AD:VersionDescription 5.3.0For use with Spring Framework 5.3.x (tested with 5.3.7)Release Notes5.2.2For use with Spring Framework 5.2.x (tested with 5.2.15.RELEASE)Release Notes5.1.3For use with Spring Framework 5.1.x (tested with 5.1.20.RELEASE)Release Notes For download coordinates and archetype usage, see the project's...


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