Year summary of LUGSpain

//La versión en español del artículo se puede encontrar en: Otro año de LUGSpain

It may seem difficult to believe, but another year has gone by. As usual, the Liferay team booked a session during the first day of the Liferay Symposium in Spain for the community event to integrate the presentation of Liferay improvements and projects with the community's proposals in one place.

This year, functionalities such as segmentation, A/B testing, headless, Data Engine were announced and, mainly, the importance given to the inclusion of front developments in Liferay in a simple way was highlighted.

Focusing on the community meeting, as happened last year, was used to take stock of the year and plan goals for the future. On this occasion we were glad to have Jorge Ferrer (initial founder of the community) and Bryan Cheung (CEO of Liferay) join the meeting.

First we will start with the objectives set for the last year:

  • Achievements:

    • Periodic meetings → The monthly event pace defined last year has been maintained. You can see the meetups below.

    • The growth in the number of members → The number of members has gone from 206 in the last symposium to 322 today, although it is true that in attendance the numbers are lower in Madrid, it is also true that it has raised overall thanks to the new locations in Asturias and Seville.

    • Sessions in other cities → Sessions have been held, with great impact, in Asturias and Seville.

    • Participation of community members in the talks → Of the 14 talks that have taken place in the 7 meetups, 7 were from the community and 7 were from Liferay's team.

  • Pending tasks:

    • Alternative approaches (workshops, introductory talks...) → There have been user-oriented sessions but it is true that no workshops, or other formats...

    • Taking the meetup to other locations → in Madrid we have not held sessions outside the Liferay offices.

    • To have visibility in the university and professional training centres.

    • Encourage the use of Community forums

Chart showing community members, meetup targets, attendees, and Slack channel members

For next year, the following challenges were defined:

  • Continue to involve members in conducting talks,

  • Encourage the creation of local groups and offer formats

  • Make meetups with other communities that have a technological relationship.

  • Collecting ideas to improve the community (probably by sending the form).

  • The LUGs will propose talks even if they are not on the same day. The idea is not to block sessions because not all the venues can be brought together. In order to share all the sessions, streaming chats will continue to be broadcasted.

Also noteworthy is the creation, just after Symposium 2018, of the community's Twitter account (@LUGSpain) to facilitate communication.

Finally, we would like to leave a compilation of the meetups that have been made this year:

If you'd like to join the Liferay community, you can do so in the Meetup group, our Slack channel and our Twitter account (@LUGSpain).