First anniversary of the Liferay Spain User Group

//The spanish version of this article can be found here: Primer aniversario de la comunidad Liferay en España, otra vez.

One year ago, on October 25, 2017, Liferay Community in Spain started again. During this year, we have made important achievements: we have joined a great group in all the events and we have called meetups regularity (usually last Wednesday every month). Only this year, Community has held 9 meetups, counting presentations and round tables, covering various topics:

All Community meetups of the years.

When you compare the Liferay Symposium Spain 2018 agenda with the meetup topics, it’s clear that our Community had the chance to see many of the sessions first in exclusive. At this point we should especially thank the work and support of the Liferay team and especially my fellow co-organizers of the Liferay Spain User Group: Eduardo García, Javier Gamarra  and David Gómez have managed to prepare and get experts for each of the areas.

As in October was going to be a year since the User group retook its activity, and taking the chance of the Liferay Symposium in Spain happening in Madrid, we scheduled our monthly meetup at the same date to celebrate that first anniversary. Thus, the meetup was included by the Liferay team in the oficial agenda of the symposium as part of the celebration.

Community meetup in the agenda of the symposium.

Fig. Screenshot of the Liferay Events App showing the LSUG meetup scheduled as part of the Symposium agenda.


In this last meetup, we made a review of what we have achieved and the main objectives for next year, highlighting:

  • Holding meetups in other locations, and even getting to create local groups (some attendees showed interest from Asturias and Seville)
  • Encouraging members to give talks
  • Planning other types of talks, more focused on different user levels, (introductory sessions, workshops, etc).
  • Using Forums again. They are very useful for Community, and they had lost importance

To commemorate the anniversary, the Liferay team gave away T-shirts to Community members.

David Gómez show Community T-shirts   Community with new T-shirts.

We have also gained visibility from Liferay. Here we show two important examples. The first one, in the closing keynotes of Liferay Symposium 2018, and the second one with our honorary member.

The community meetup as a highlight during the closing keynote of the Symposium    Eduardo Garcia and Brian Chan wearing LUGSpain T-shirt.

If you want to join the Liferay Community, just join the Liferay Spain User Group in meetup and sign in the Liferay Community Slack where we have a dedicated #lug-spain channel. If you are reading this from outside Spain, you probably can find a local Liferay User Group near you or, if it does not exists, you can learn how to create a new LUG on your area.