Some clients are just far away

Most of the client (and potential client) locations I've visited in China have been in big, crowded, metropolitan cities.  This particular one was different since it was located on the outskirts of one of the largest southern cities.  We were visiting their headquarters which was strategically located next to their manufacturing plants. 

I won't mention how long it took door to door to get from Liferay's  Dalian office to this place, but it was certainly a breath of fresh air away from busy civilization.  The countryside was quaint, taxis were sparse, and people were super nice.  Steven commented that it seemed like everyone was happier and more friendly, which was apparent through their attitudes while helping us find where the client's site was.


The driver was trying to convince us we could fit inside.  Hmm, I wonder..


We took up ALL the space.


Check out the video!

Hope you guys made it alright, looks fun. =)
I have the same shirt(s)!
Not sure for whom I feel worse -- the two of you or the guy who is dragging the two of you through town!
Haha. Very nice Ivan. Look forward to seeing you back stateside.
I'm so jealous!!!

And you can speak Cantonese with them right? Southern Chinese... home calleth...
Awesome! Wish I could be there with you guys.
You two are the heros!!!