Radio Liferay Episode 68: Yasuyuki Takeo


   Yasuyuki, short Yasu, is Supportability Engineer at Liferay. He's working out of Japan for ~8 years now, and in that time has started an interesting side project that you might be interested in. Well - I was interested, so I asked him for some time and we talked about it: Damascus.


Here are some of the topics that we talked about:

  • Yasu is working on Damascus, an extension of ServiceBuilder that helps you set up a new project extremely quickly. And it's documented.

  • Its purpose: Quick generation of master data applications, that you can edit further to enrich as a proper application

  • Starting from a json file, you'll generate persistence and UI for multiple Liferay Portal versions

  • A similar (but discontinued) project was mentioned on Radio Liferay in episodes 30 and 32: XmlPortletFactory.

  • What to do to make Damascus an officially maintained project

  • REST additions in Damascus

  • Updates of the tool to 7.3, and of custom code generated with Damascus (should be easy)

  • Freemarker to Java ratio - what it's like to write code that generates code.

  • Best Practices and where they're worked around in the generator

  • The heritage of the name Damascus, and how it relates to Liferay's "blade" tool

  • Bonus Tool: DummyFactory

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(Illustration, CC by-sa 2.0 jasleen_kaur)


I discovered Damascus a few months ago. In my opinion, which I have been using Liferay Portal since 2004, it is the most useful productivity-oriented tool ever produced.

Yasuyuki is first of all a very kind and helpful person, as well as being the brilliant creator of Damascus.