/dev/24 Call for Presentations

Do you have something to brag about?

It's time to get started with the agenda:

24 September (timezone still to be confirmed) will host Liferay's first /dev/24, or Liferay's second 24h livestream for Developers.

If you have created anything in or with Liferay Portal 7.3, here's your chance to let the world know.

If you are about to solve a problem with Liferay Portal 7.3, here's where to tell us about your plans.

And if you have any other awesome contributions that the world should see or hear: We're interested. Please submit.

(and yes: All three links lead to the same submission form)

Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2020, 23:59:59 UTC - but: We're going to pick great early submissions early. The later you submit, the less slots you'll be competing for. Beat the rush and submit early.

And if you want to volunteer for other help, rather than submitting a presentation, please contact dev24 at (turn that into an email address first). That email address is also available for further questions regarding the submission process.

Illustration CC-by 2.0 John McStravick