Radio Liferay Episode 67: Bryce Osterhaus

Frontend - and diverting from classic Liferay UIs

  For this episode of Radio Liferay, I've talked with Bryce Osterhaus, Frontend Developer at Liferay for ~ 6 years.
With his experience, he's a perfect complement to me: While he feels at home in the browser, client side, I'm comfortable on the backend, away from all of the messy frontend stuff - prepare for some naïve questions coming his way.

We spoke about a design decision that has been made in some internal projects: His team has built a UI that does not utilize Liferay's page/site infrastructure. It's rather  an application that utilizes some of the infrastructure but not what's typically used to compose frontend applications on a portal.

Or, in the rage of the day, you could say: "Headless". ;)


Or, in more detail, here are some talking points

  • Systems that Bryce worked on - e.g. Loop (a timeline based Intranet solution used within Liferay), Analytics Cloud UI.
  • Reasons to go headless, not utilizing Liferay's pages
  • What's still being used from the platform (only touching)
  • How maintainable is such an approach? Does it upgrade well?
  • quo vadis, react@Liferay?
  • Clay, a web implementation of the Lexicon Experience Language,
  • Highlighting dropzones, a long story that finally came to an end
  • Where does the frontend team hang out?
  • Versions of Liferay and React - running together?
  • React and Liferay's SPA framework

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