Drag&Drop Indication on Liferay CE 7.3.1 GA2

Chapter 7

If you're following this series for a while, you might not have expected a new chapter with just a minor release of Liferay Portal 7.3.1 CE, GA2. I had just released chapter 6 for 7.3.0 GA1 - what's new now?

Well, the re-release is necessary, because contrary to the last many chapters, 7.3.1 introduces some changes in its theme, so that the advertised CSS change now differs.

Ladies and Gentlepeople, Friends - I proudly present, the fruit of my trolling. In order to visualize drop zones on Widgetpages from 7.3.1 on, this is the CSS you'll need to add to your theme:


If you don't see anything: You're right. The tickets (LPS-40571 and LPS-53664) are resolved, and dropzones are indicated by default on widget pages in the classic theme.

With this, chapter 7 (most likely) marks the last chapter of this series, and I will now need to go looking for other adventures. I'll keep an eye on future releases though, for future entertainment ;)