New Installers and IDE 3.9.6 GA7 Released

The new release supports for more servers as well as some improvements for user development.

Community Download

Community Download

Customers Download

Release highlights

  • Installers Improvements:
    • Bug fixes for the installDir parameter

  • Development Improvements:
    • Added support for Liferay Workspace Gradle 3.4.27

      • Embedded product info for additional support in offline mode

      • Added validation for an invalid product key

      • Bug fixes for deploying a theme project in Liferay 7.4

    • Improved support for product info entries

    • Added support for additional Liferay 7.4 bundles

      • JBoss Wildfly

      • JBoss EAP

Apply workspace plugin manually

Users check all versions of  `com.liferay.gradle.plugins.workspace` plugin here and set the version manually in settings.gradle file. 


If you run into any issues or have any suggestions please come find us on our community forums or report them on JIRA (IDE project), we are always around to try to help you out. Good luck!