New Installers and IDE 3.9.5 GA6 Released

The new installers and IDE 3.9.5 ga6 which support development on the upcoming Liferay 7.4 U1 has been made available.

Community Download

Customers Download

Release highlights

  • Installers Improvements:
    • Updated the default Liferay 7.4 version 
  • Development Improvements:
    • Improved deployment support for Liferay 7.x
      • Integration of Blade CLI 4.0.10
      • Support for Liferay Workspace Gradle 3.4.17
      • Better support for the Liferay 7.4 Tomcat bundle
    • Improvements to the Liferay upgrade plan
      • Added breaking changes for Liferay 7.4
      • Updated workspace plugin version
      • Switched to use release API dependency
    • Bug fixes


If you run into any issues or have any suggestions please come find us on our community forums or report them on JIRA (IDE project), we are always around to try to help you out. Good luck!