Community Updates - May 2023

New Community Guides

The Getting Started Guide has been updated to include new information on how to get and provide help while working within our community.  There are many ways to get and receive help such as posting questions in Liferay Ask, connecting with other community members in Slack to sharing your knowledge via a Blog Post.  Liferay Ask also received a major update (see details below) making it easier than ever before to find and help answer questions.

There is also a new Feedback section that highlights several ways to help improve Liferay Portal/DXP.  All feedback is now reported via Liferay Ask providing a consistent way to interact with our community.  Along with feature suggestions and bug reporting there is also a new process for providing feedback on new beta features in Liferay Portal/DXP.  Beta features were introduced in Liferay Portal/DXP 69 and can be enabled using feature flags.  See Beta Feature Feedback guide for more details.

Ask - Home Page

We have released a major new update to Liferay Ask that will make finding and answering questions easier than ever before.  While it was easy to ask new questions, finding and helping answer questions was another matter altogether.

In order to help address these issues we focused on two main areas:

  1. A group of contributors who answer questions and have a knowledge of the Liferay platform from end to end.  An analogy used is it's like a grocery store checkout where each item (question) is checked out one at a time.

  2. A tag based approach where tags are related to specific product functionality.  This allows experts in specific groups to subscribe to tags of interests and to be notified when new posts use those tags.  Along with subscribing is a new feature that allows posts to be filtered by tags that have unanswered questions making it easier to find and help answer questions still without an answer.


The new filtering options include:

Filter by:

  • None: No filter applied

  • No Answer: Question is completely not responded to.

  • No Accepted Answer: Answer supplied but has not been accepted as the official answer.

  • Accepted Answer: Question has an answer and has been accepted as official answer.

Sort by:

  • Newest: Newest Questions

  • Oldest: Oldest Questions

  • Highest Score: Questions with the most number of votes

  • Most Frequent: Questions with highest view count

Tagged With:

  • None: List all Questions

  • My Watched Tags: Any tags that I am subscribed to

  • Some Watched Tags: Ad hoc tag list that can be entered on the fly

Ask - Improved Activities Feed

The Activities feed (previously My Activities) has also received a complete overhaul. Activities centers around any interaction that you have had with any post. The new feed breaks down your involvement by Question, Answer, Comments and Best Answer giving you a nice summary of the latest activity within a post.

The new feed also makes it very easy to comment on any post without leaving the feed. A new condensed view of the question appears to the right of the feed and let’s you easily comment/answer on any part of the question.



Error:Could not load the page - That's the error message I receive when trying to look into any Ask-Category. :( 

Hi Fredi, what browser and OS do you use?  I'll try to recreate it on my end.  Also does your browser console show any errors?

Hi Jamie!

Chrome v112, Windows.

Multiple Errors:

Warning: `value` prop on `input` should not be null. Consider using an empty string to clear the component or `undefined` for uncontrolled components.  

Warning: A component is changing a controlled input of type text to be uncontrolled. Input elements should not switch from controlled to uncontrolled (or vice versa). Decide between using a controlled or uncontrolled input element for the lifetime of the component. 

Uncaught TypeError: (0 , Y.useInteractionFocus) is not a function

The above error occurred in the <Picker> component: