Announcement: Liferay Faces Bridge Certified as JSR 329 Compliant

On behalf of Liferay, I'm pleased to announce that as of August 8, 2012, Liferay Faces Bridge (a sub-project of Liferay Faces) has been certified by Oracle as compliant with JSR 329.

JSR 329 is the "Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServer™ Faces 1.2" specification by the JCP. Liferay Faces Bridge 2.1.x has received the official certification (since it is designed for Portlet 2.0 and JSF 1.2). Although Liferay Faces Bridge 3.1.x is designed for Portlet 2.0 and JSF 2.0, it also passes all of the tests in the JSR 329 Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Michael Freedman of Oracle -- as the Chairman of the JSR 329 Expert Group, he spent countless hours working on the specification and TCK. He is also a wonderful mentor and friend.

Great work Neil, and congratulations for reaching this milestone, the culmination of much hard work.
+1 great work Neil!
Congratulations, Neil! What a great accomplishment!
Wow! That is great Neil! Congrats! So what is next? LOL!
Congratulations Neil
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