Sports, Technology & Olympic Fever

As the 2010 Winter Olympics are just a few hours away I started to think about how much computers and information technology play a pivotal role in sports today.

It seems every major sport (MLB, NBA, NFL and the NHL) is using a portal to disseminate information about their organization, their teams and their players. Behind the scenes these businesses use their portals to communicate vast amounts of information throughout the organization. Portals today are the cornerstone of helping these businesses brand and market their businesses and readily help their customers obtain information all in one area.

The portals of the Olympics are no different. On the outside they deliver fast paced updated information about a user’s favorite country and/or athlete as well as the events and the results of those events. And behind the scenes they are utilizing their portals for everything from seeking employees, schedule planning, and supporting the games logistics (travel and transportation, catering, medical, uniform distribution, etc.)

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into organizing something as grand as the Olympics and utilizing the right technology can surely make or break the experience.

As I think back to some of the work we here at Liferay have done in the past to contribute to technology in sports, I get great joy today in knowing that we were a small part of helping bring something so great, including a slice of the 2010 Winter games portal, to the world.