Wiki overhaul ... continues

Happy new year everybody!!

It's been a while since my last post and this will be a very short one. All I wanted to do is let everyone interested know that I'm working on improving the wiki again. After the latest changes there is been a renewed interest in Liferay's wiki and a company has agreed to sponsor some further improvements (let's give them a big thank you).

After several conversations we've decided that their requirements will be best met by integrating JSPwiki's engine so that'll be the topic of my first tasks. But I'm doing it in a way that allows preserving the existing formats and to add new formats in the future by creating a pluggable wiki engines infrastructure. So I'll be refactoring the current formats (classic, plain text and HTML) as 3 engines and will be developing a new one for JSPwiki. I think this is a very flexible solution that will keep everybody happy.

The sponsorship also includes some other improvements to versioning, locking, etc. I'll also try to implement some other features in the wish list in my spare time. Also if you want to send me patches for features that you are interested in adding this is a perfect time to do it.

All of this new functionality is scheduled for Liferay 5.1, although will be available in trunk soon.

Jorge, you are great.

I am watching the growth of, from messageboard to wiki, from php to Liferay.
Everything is powered by Liferay.
Does Liferay use their wiki (friki) for their wiki pages (
Hi Eric,

No we don't use it yet. At the time we created LiferayPedia our own wiki portlet was very inmature, so we decided to use MediaWiki (the sw used by Wikipedia). Now our portlet is getting closer and closer to MediaWiki's feature set with all the added benefits of being an integrated portal application. So we may migrate soon.
Great news! I've been hoping for this - (actually, we implemented JSPWiki stand-alone in hopes it would eventually be the engine selected for Liferay's overhaul) - and so far have been as pleased with JSPWiki as a Wiki as I am with Liferay as a Portal/CMS.

As I understand it, JSPWiki continues to move forward through the Apache incubator program and and should emerge as a full-fledged Apache program at some time - which is good for everyone involved with it.

Any idea if you'll be able to support JSPWiki plugins? (We currently use the 'aFlashPlugin' to play flash training videos on demand for employees).

Thanks again - (and congrats to the team of 4.4.0 - 2 bits of good news when I checked in today!)

-Vaughan Schmidt
Hi Vaughan,

Glad to hear from you. I would definitely like to support JSPwiki's plugins although that'll probably require testing each of them (I'd thank help doing it). For example the AFlashPlugin plugin relies on placing a js file somewhere. We'll have to figure out what would be the right place to put it at in Liferay and how to tell the plugin about that location (hopefully it's configured).

I plan to start committing to svn soon, so it would be great if you could check it out and test it to make sure it does everything you need.
This is really great, as we would like to have a seamless integration for our portal users.
Are there any results yet?
Hi Bernhard,

thanks for your interest. We are half way through the full project. I'll blog soon about the improvements so far.