What’s the Best Prep for Liferay Certification? Take Liferay Training.

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Since the launch of the Liferay Certification Program, I’ve had many people ask me what’s the best way to prepare for the exam, and I’ve been telling everyone the same thing. Start with the Liferay Developer Training, and then get your hands dirty by writing some code.  The topics for the Liferay Certified Professional Developer exam are based on the topics covered in Developer Training and most of the items on the exam are covered during the training.  For the topics that aren’t covered in the training, only actual development following Liferay’s best practices can prepare you. 

Of course, as a Liferay trainer, I’m obviously a little biased about the importance of Liferay training, but I truly believe Developer Training is the best way to lay a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of Liferay Portal.  You can definitely learn how to develop portlets by reading a book or looking through online tutorials, but the explanations and hands-on experience you get during Developer Training go far beyond what you can learn through tutorials alone.  During training you’ll get insights into how Liferay’s engineers have designed the product, and learn the why as well as the how.  By understanding the patterns and approaches used in Liferay’s core and plugins you’ll be better equipped to learn by digging into the source code and understanding the Liferay way to develop.

There are many ways to prepare for the exam, but starting with Developer Training is the best investment you can make to increase your chances of passing the exam.  

In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of Liferay training we’re currently offering a free exam voucher to anyone who signs up and attends a public Liferay Developer Training anywhere in the world during the months of October and November.  Take the training, then pass the exam,. What could be better than that?

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Hi Jeff,

I took the extending LR 3 ways course during S.F trip. I am trying to experiment writing hooks for some core portlets like the User admin. I want to try and override the add user action. I am wondering if there is a way to simply modify the addUser method in my extended Action class and still leverage the processAction from the originalStrutsPortletAction. More or less I am wondering what is the best practice when it comes to extending core portlets via hook. Copying the entire code from the original portlet does not seem like a good idea, but it appears that some developers have gone that route.

Hi Harpreet,

During the workshop, I used the Hook plugin because in general it's usually preferred over the Ext Plugin. However, this might be a case where the Ext Plugin provides you with the easier upgrade path. If you work in an Ext Plugin, you can extend the original struts action, only overwriting what's needed and not copying over the entire code from the original portlet.

If you need some help with Ext Plugins take a look at the Developer's Guide:
hello sir,
can u help me how to set dynamic id value in javascript in jsp and retrive same id value in process action class so plz send the code its urgent