New Release: Liferay IDE 2.0 Milestone 3

I'd like to annouce that we have pushed a new release of Liferay IDE 2.0 Milestone 3 to the milestones updatesite.

Since this is an Eclipse updatesite you must add this in the Help > Install New Software... dialog.

This is the 3rd milestone release (See this blog entry for highlights of the 2.0.0M1 release.) as we approach 2.0.0 GA1 release which should happen very soon in next week or so.

M3 Release Highlights

  • Brand New Liferay Plugin Project Wizard supporting both Ant (PluginsSDK) and Maven (liferay-maven-plugin) projects
  • Resolution generation for common m2e-liferay pom.xml errors
  • ecj.jar automatically added to Eclipse ant runtime (no more ecj.jar warnings in console :)
  • Over 135 bug fixes, enhancements and improvements

Brand New Liferay Plugin Project Wizard

The biggest new feature of M3 is the new completely re-written New Liferay Plugin Project Wizard that provides two big new features 1) Maven project support for projects using liferay-maven-plugin, 2) Freestyle SDK project (you can create SDK projects at any desired location)


Maven project support

With the new Liferay Plugin Project Wizard in M3 you can select a different build type: Maven

Once you have selected Maven you can specify maven options like artifact version and top level package. Also there is a place for you to associate Maven profiles to activate on your project that most developers will use to attach developer machine specific properties like the Liferay version or local Liferay bundle properties.


Flexible project location support in Plugins SDK

Now in the latest version of Plugins SDK you can create projects that live outside of the Plugins SDK folder structure.  In the new Liferay Plugin Project Wizard you can activate this feature two ways 1) selecting to not Use Default location and specifying your own location

2) Toggling the option to "Use Eclipse workspace as base location" toggle button.



We really need the communities help in providing feedback on this milestone release.  Especially issues involved in migrating from IDE 1.6.x projects, or using Maven and Ivy enabled projects.  Post issues to Liferay IDE Forums or the JIRA project. Thanks!

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