New Liferay Faces release - The alloy:selectStarRating and alloy:selectThumbRating components

Let me introduce two simple and fun components from among our recently released Liferay Faces Alloy tags, alloy:selectStarRating and alloy:selectThumbRating.  Following the example set by our friends on the AlloyUI team, we packaged their rating component as a JSF component.

AlloyUI StarRating + JSF ➔ Liferay Faces alloy:selectStarRating


And similarly, for a boolean true/false …
AlloyUI ThumbRating + JSF ➔ Liferay Faces alloy:selectThumbRating


Both of these components are written to be used in the manner of JSF's selectOneRadio, and they simply default to use the bootstrap theme with FontAwesome star and thumb icons available in Liferay.  Speaking of the bootstrap theme, you may also want to follow my colleague's post here that shows how to use Liferay's built in bootstrap themes and generate your own.

Look forward to greater things from our team as we tackle the portlet 3 specification and the new bridge specification.  The community has decided, portals are here to stay with another round of new features and new standards to implement.