My first week and Liferay IDE 1.0 Plan

Hello everyone,

Today ends my first week at Liferay so I guess I should introduce myself officially.  I joined Liferay as a software engineer and will lead the effort for official IDE tooling from Liferay.  Previously, I worked for Genuitec, LLC in Dallas, TX, who makes the MyEclipse IDE product.  For over 5 years I was a senior developer for MyEclipse and have been around the eclipse ecosystem for awhile.  Through a series of providential events I found out about Liferay and what a great company it was and their specific need for some help in the tooling area, especially on Eclipse.  So I joined the team!

I've spent the whole week out in the LA office and it has been great meeting everyone and getting to work for a few days with them.  So after a my first few days, Brian Chan and I mapped out a 2 month plan for the first release of Liferay IDE.  You can see the 1.0 release plan in a wiki document below.  This document is a work-in-progress and will be changing some over the next 2 months.

Since we are still in the early design stage of Liferay IDE I would love to hear feedback from the community on requirements and use-cases, or in generally things that bug you the most about using Eclipse and Liferay. :)

Jorge graciously setup a forums category here for discussion about Liferay IDE.

Once again its an honor to join such a great team and I'm really looking forward to working with you all (or yall if you live in Texas like me).

Best regards,

Greg Amerson

Welcome Greg!
Welcome aboard Greg! Great that will finally get better IDE support.
Great to have you on board Greg!
Welcome Greg! I welcome a Liferay IDE tool for eclipse anytime.
Great news Greg!
This is an excellent news.
The roadmap looks awesome Gregory! Congratulations and welcome aboard! Will it be available just for Eclipse or also for other IDEs?
Thanks Julio,

For 1.0 it will be eclipse only. However, we wont ignore other ides if it makes enough since for the Liferay community. I know that there has already been some good integration work for Netbeans. Intellij support could be added at some point in the future as well.

But for now, eclipse will be the main focus.
That is great Gregory, thanks a lot!
Welcome Greg! Very glad to see you on the team.
Greg, we're super-excited to have you on the team, and really looking forward to the IDE development. emoticon Seems to be an exciting time for new Liferay adopters.
This is GREAT news! I'd love to see wizard/facet support for JSF 2.0 within Liferay IDE. I'd be happy to help with the integration using the PortletFaces Bridge:
Absolutely, JSF 2.0 support for liferay runtimes via the portletfaces-bridge makes sense. I'll be in touch!
Hi Greg-

You would seem to be the ideal person to comment on the pros and cons of myeclipse vs. eclipse for Liferay development. Are there good reasons to consider myeclipse?


Hey Brian,

MyEclipse does not contain any specific Liferay support. However, you should be able to configure its tomcat server connector to support it fairly easily. Then you would be able to use all of the MyEclipse features that standard eclipse doesn't have, like visual editors, designers, profiling, etc.

Whenever Liferay IDE 1.0 is ready it will provide liferay server, project, liferay specific descriptors editors and portal artifact creation wizards out that are the best available. But Liferay IDE will not be available until the end of next month. Regardless, the eclipse plugins released as a part of Liferay IDE can be used equally well in either plain Eclipse or MyEclipse whichever you choose, assuming you stick with the faceted project model from WTP.
Great! Thanks.

I hope to meet you at a future Dallas user group mtg. I unfortunately can't make it tonight.

This was a much anticipated feature from Liferay for developers..
Thanks Greg for taking this up..good luck..emoticon
Welcome on board Gregory!

I'm very happy about yet another great idea in Liferay!
This is a long-time awaited feature for a lot of developers.

I'm very curious about the results, will check back frequently emoticon

Thanks Akos. I hope to have the 1.0 release available 2nd week of May, that is the current release date around May 12th.
That's a great job Greg! There is a chance to test it before its release?