My first post!

 Hi, guys!

It's already been a month since I started working in the Liferay team, in the spanish office and I wanted to write a presentation post.
When I was part of the community I sometimes missed knowing what was going on in the Liferay team: "What are they doing at this moment?", so I want my blog to be somehow that answer (at least on what concerns my work!)
These last weeks I have been involved in CKEditor integration for Liferay 6 and I've been working along with Jorge Ferrer in a new Asset Importer Portlet and the new Asset Link concept: I'm sure you'll like this!
I'm interested in the community and I'm working to make the best of it. I'd like to improve communication and participation, improve documentation, organization, promote feedback in the forums, etc.
I'm also focusing my interest in cloud computing, and soon I'll be writing about this and how can Liferay approach Cloud Computing (or not! :D)
Read you soon
Juan Fernández
Liferay Spain
Keep going Juan.
Hi Juan, Thank you. Look forward to seeing CKEditor integration and Cloud computing
Thanks Juan - letting the community know what you are working on is very valuable. Keep them coming! Paul
Gracias Juan, es un gran trabajo el que esta haciendo toda la comunidad.

Thanks Juan, it's a Great job what all community is doing in this proyect.
Saludos desde Mèxico.
I will look about cloud computing with liferay. I have make several attempts to provide hardware and software services.

Un saludo.
Sin duda la comunidad(y Liferay) ha ganado mucho con tu incorporación.
No tengas duda que seguiré este post con mucha anteción
Un abrazo,
Eduardo Luna
HI Juan ,I'm a newbie in using liferay.Can you please tell me about migrating liferay to cloud ,and which is the best option to do that.
Hi Balu:
Check this:

and this:

Hi Juan, How can use Google App Engine as the Cloud environment
I'm not sure if it's possible. I don't know if anybody has been succesful on this.
Read this thread to reach the people that have tried it:
Hi Juan ,
I have one portlet database which have tables specific to the portlet.I want to incorporate liferay tables also into my app.for Eg I want to refer liferay user table with one of my tables in the portlet.What is the best way to achieve this ,I dont want to use two databases rather I want to add my custom tables into Liferay db and use the single db. Im using hibernate in my portlet.
Hi Balu:
I think it'd be easier to add your tables to the liferay database scheme.
You can post your question in to the forums for further information