My first book bought at .... and it was a great experience!

Yesterday I received my first book bought at and I have to say that the whole process has been great. The price has been lower than the usual technical books I buy and I've had to wait much less than I usually wait when buying a book in on-line shops. Note that I have no relationship with at all, but I think when people do a good job they deserve being recognized for it.

For those that don't know about it, is the new project of Bob Young, the Redhat co-founder and has as its vision allowing everybody to become a writer and a publisher of their own works. The book that I wanted to buy is "Getting Real" by 37 Signals. I had already read some chapters of it and wanted to read the whole book. Actually it's available for reading online, but as I know it's a good book I prefer to have a nicely printed copy (specially since the price is quite good). So I went ahead to (following the link from 37 Signals' site) and added the book to my Shopping Cart. The first doubt that comes at this point is, how much is the delivery going to cost? how long does it take? The guys at have done a good job identifying the questions that people have and my view of a shopping cart had an easy to find link to a page that gave me the answers I was looking for.

But what is even nicer is that they actually delivered in the time they promised (actually very early within that range).

So here I am right now with my nicely printed book:

Cool. When's your book coming out?

BTW - Nice pen.