Liferay visits Mallorca

Mallorca is one of those places in the world that you have to visit. Like most places next to the the sea it provides a sense of calm that is very appreciated when you come from the busy Madrid. I had the pleasure of being there last week thanks to an invitation by one of our partners, IN2, who had organized an event about "Mission Critical Open Source Platforms".

My talk was about Liferay Portal 5.2 and I made a demo showing how to build a multi-site portal using a organizations to achieve hierarchical delegation of the administration activities. I also showed the Control Panel, tags, web content, scheduling, ...

Out of all the presentations, the one I enjoyed most was done by Jose Carrasco, from IN2 (in the picture below), who went through quite a few case studies of Liferay Portal installations in mission critical environments with strict high availability requirements.

Some of the case studies presented were:

  • CASS - Caixa Andorrana Seguretat Social
  • Área Metropolitana de Barcelona
  • Agencia Tributaria Catalana
  • Departamento de Bienestar - Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Departamento de nuevas tecnologías-  Generalitat de Catalunya

I also had the pleasure to meet some of the engineers from IN2 who had worked in these projects:


After all the presentations were finished, we had some time for a snack in the beautiful gardens within the building.

This is one of the parts that I enjoy most about this type of events, being able to chat with real users of Liferay as well as people who are considering to start using it. This is when you learn what they like most about the platform and also to ask for feedback about what we can improve in future versions. The event was very succesful which gave me a chance to have many very interesting conversations.

After lunch we still had some short time to walk around downtown. I must say that while I had seen the cathedral before, this time it seemed to me even more beautiful (I have a huge respect for all gothic cathedrals since I read Ken Follet's "The Pillars of Earth"):

And this was the view just turning around 90º:

Feeling like going to Mallorca?

After the success of this event I'm really looking forward to meeting so many new people and old friends at the European Symposium in a couple of weeks. See you there!


Nice photos ... Thanks, Jorge!
Looks like that was a lot fun emoticon See you at the EU symposium!