Liferay IDE available in Eclipse Marketplace

As as follow-up to the Helios compatible release of Liferay IDE (v1.0.1), I wanted to let everyone know that there is another installation method now available through the Eclipse marketplace.  The cool thing is that installing from the marketplace is simple by using the new marketplace client in the Eclipse Helios release.  The best part of the process is that you don't need to know the update-site only the name of what you are trying to install.  Below are a couple of screenshots of the process:

  • Launch the new Eclipse Marketplace client:

  • If you haven't launched the client before, you will need to choose the "Eclipse Marketplace", then you will see this screen:

  • To install Liferay IDE simply search for "Liferay" and it should find the entry for the IDE and then just click the "Install" button to continue.

  • Lastly you should see a screen that just confirms you want to install the Liferay IDE plugins.  Click "Finish" to continue the installation.

  • Installation of Liferay IDE should continue like normal.

Note: The Eclipse marketplace is only available in Eclipse Helios release and previous versions like Galileo don't have that feature.

Awesome news Greg! Good work.
Awesome! Good work, Greg!
Very good Greg!
nice work