Liferay IDE 2.2 Release

The Liferay IDE team is pleased to annouce the latest release version 2.2.  Use the updatesite below to update your existing install or install for the first time.

*Note* if you have previously installed Liferay IDE and just do "check for updates" you will not be able to install the new AlloyUI features those are available as a separate feature, see below.

For bundles that contain Eclipse Luna + Liferay IDE 2.2 pre-installed go here:

JavaScript / AlloyUI

We are very excited about this release because we have finally for the first time have some real AlloyUI support along with the brand new JavaScript development support features.  In order to give Eclipse developers the type of JavaScript coding support that they have come to expect from the java tools, we have integrated a new framework called which bundles liferay and aui plugins for tern.  

TL;DR type inference for AUI rocks!

Not only AUI but YUI types as well


Also jQuery is supported as well and AlloyUI4 support will be added in IDE 3.0


Liferay JavaScript object


And also commonly used javascript anonymous functions has type inferrencing

See a lot more screenshots and details of these new JavaScript / AlloyUI features on this page.

AlloyUI Feature

In order to use these new features you have to make sure to select the new top level feature on the update site when you install this release:

Go here to see description of all the new features related to AlloyUI and JavaScript support.


Portlet Development UX

Recently our team ate our own dog food and developed a few portlets for internal use and we found ourselves wanting some new features that would make portlet development more productive so we've added many new features targeted at portlet development.  Most of those revolve around improvements we made to the Eclipse JSP editor to support Liferay portlet dev features. 

<aui:script> tag support, now finally good javascript support in a JSP!

Quick-fix and quick assist for portlet resource bundles

Fix one or fix several with just a few clicks

If you want to fix more than one of the same warning just select all and fix at once

Or invoke quick assist (ctrl+1) and never show the popup dialog


Portlet action method completion

Quick assist here as well

There are too many of those features to list them all here so we created a special page for all the noteworthy portlet development features here.


New Editors

All of our XML editors have been redesigned to open very fast, as fast as the plain text editor. Try it for a spin and feel the difference. Also, for this release we have several new specialized eclipse editors, for and, liferay-portlet.xml, and a improved layout template editor that supports 6.2 style layouts finally!

Server editor


liferay-portlet.xml editor

Improved Layout Template Editor design page


More screenshots of new editors are available here.


Other Features

Many eclipse developer have multiple workspaces, but it is a pain to have to re-define each of your SDKs, runtimes and servers for each of those workspaces.  Now when you open a new workspace you will see a notification popup informing you that you can import all of your Liferay settings(not projects) from the previous workspace is you would like. HT to Kamesh for the initial code contribution.

To see the rest of the "other" features added to this release see this page.


Special Thanks

Thanks so much to the other members of the IDE team in China: Ashley, Vicky, Kuo, Lilu, Simon, Terry, XuYing, and Eric (recently joined so he isn't in the photo) who worked so hard on this release.  Also thanks to all of those community members who submitted bug reports and feedback.  A special mention goes out to Angelo Zerr the author of the and eclipse-wtp-xml-search plugins that we have integrated in this latest release giving Liferay developer lots of new goodies to play with.  Please give us feedback or let us know what problems you may be running into over on our forums.  Good luck!

Oh my God, it's amazing! Finnaly you did it. Thank you!
Massive new features in this release, Greg! emoticon
I'm excited to try all this stuff specially for layout panel support!!
Yesterday I've finished to teach to some developers how was simple and powerful previous version of the designer and today I've found this post! ;)

It's amazing! emoticon

When this features will be released into Liferay Developer Studio?

Thanks in advance for your very precious work: you have to know that you are my new super hero for portlet development's code assistant! emoticon
Really Good futures. Thanks for Liferay team for making development easy.