Liferay IDE 2.1.1 Release

A new release of Liferay IDE has been made available today, version 2.1.1.  You can update or install the new release here as usual:

Or go over to the download page and grab one of the bundles that includes Eclipse Luna JavaEE package with Liferay IDE 2.1.1 pre-installed:

Some release highlights include:

  • New Improved Liferay Project wizard
  • Better Vaadin7 support
  • Better Java8 support
  • Minor improvements to liferay-maven-plugin support
  • Initial support for web-type plugins
  • Eclipse Luna support

Full list of issues can be see here.  Actually we have had several releases of Liferay IDE since my last blog post.  I'll try to do a better job of keeping you up2date in the future.  We have some exciting things planned for Liferay IDE 2.2, namely, better AlloyUI/JavaScript support!