Liferay IDE 1.6.0 Released

The latest release of Liferay IDE version 1.6.0 has been made available today.  Head over to the downloads page if you want to grab an archived updatesite or an "all-in-one" bundle of both Eclipse Juno and Liferay IDE.  The new version brings compatibility with the most recent Eclipse Juno (4.2) release.  Please use the following updatesite for Eclipse Juno:
If you are using an older version of Eclipse (3.6, 3.7) this latest release is also available to you as an update.  From your Eclipse installation that contains Liferay IDE just do Help > Check for updates...  If you do not already have a Liferay IDE installation, here is the Eclipse update site URL for new installations:
If you find any issues with this new version please head over to Liferay IDE forums and post the issue or create a ticket in JIRA.
In addition to being compatible with Eclipse Juno and several bug fixes, there were several minor enhancements that I'd like to mention from this release below.  Also, special thanks to  Kamesh Sampath for contributing  an enhancement to enable non-default ROOT configurations for Tomcat bundles.

Automated source attachment for Liferay Portal classes

Having access to the Liferay source for debugging Liferay Portal applications is almost a must.  This process of attaching source location to jars in Eclipse classpath containers is tedious and you have to do it again for each new project.  Now this can be done only once in Liferay IDE and then all new Liferay jars that are added to projects will automatically have the proper source attachment.  Simply go to the 2nd page of the Liferay Portal runtime wizard and specify a location (either a jar file or a exploded directory) of the Liferay Portal sources (portal sources are available for each release in portal downloads area).
Then once you create a project that has Liferay jars added (runtime or API classpath container) you will automatically have the sources attached and available when you open Liferay classes.

Added support for supported JSF Component Suites

Recently Neil Griffin added support to the Plugins SDK for additional JSF project templates that support all of the various JSF component suites that are supported on Liferay, e.g., Liferay Faces, ICEfaces, PrimeFaces, etc.  In this release of Liferay IDE support ** for these various templates has been made available on the 2nd page of the New Liferay Project wizard if you select JSF as your portlet framework.
Thanks Neil for the help with this feature!

Zoom, Print, Save as Image actions available for Service Builder Diagrams

You can now perform several useful actions on service builder diagrams like: zoom, print and save as an Image.  

Now you can finally print off a relationship diagram of Liferay Portal services and try to understand it all.  FYI, be sure to have several pages loaded in your printer first. :)

Whats next for Liferay IDE?

What up next for Liferay IDE project is version 2.0, which should bring remote portal structured content editing, the much-awaited Maven support along with some better theme development support.  If you want to help with testing these new 2.0 features, just add the Juno nightly build URL below:

** requires nightly build of 6.1.1 portal and 6.1.1 SDK after Jun 21

Hi Nice Features...

Will Service builder shows relationship between entity belonging to in different service.xml .....??
For Ex:

<reference package-path="com.liferay.portlet.documentlibrary" entity="DLFileEntry" />
Great work, Greg!
Hi DarshanKumar,

Currently it will not, but you can open an enhancement request for sure a feature here:
Great work!

About portal sources, I'm used to import it into the workspace as a project.
This allow me to navigate in a more simple way throught the files to better understand Liferay internals and "use cases"; and allow to use search function.
Great job Greg and team! Very glad to see the automated source attachment for Liferay Portal classes.
Hey Jeff, this should work with upcoming Studio 1.6.0 where in the First Launch wizard you specify a src zip file and sources will be automatically attached.

When I choice the framework JSF 2.x and the JSF component suite I got the message error :

"Plugins SDK does not contain template tools/portlet_icefaces_tmpl.
Please see to download a SDK that is 6.1 GA2 or greater."

Does the SDK 61. GA2 is already available? I don't find it.
HI Greg,

Its an awesome work and good to know it has capabilities of Icefaces, Liferay faces etc.

I'm using Liferay IDE 1.5.2 EE version and would like to know for EE is it a separate release or update the one that is released. When I try updating using my IDE it saying No Updates are found.

Hi Vincent,

You will need to download the sources for GA2 and then run the command "ant extract-plugins-sdk" and in the dist folder there will be a SDK zip file that you can use for an early release version of 6.1.1 and it will contain the necessary JSF component suite templates.
Hi Vidya,

There will be a new release of Liferay Developer Studio (EE version of LIferay IDE) very shortly after the 6.1.20 (EE GA2) is released.
Great work!
How do you attach the Liferay source after Developer Studio is already installed?
Hello Eric,

The source attachment can be attached to the Liferay Portal EE Runtime preference. Once it is added to the runtime settings, then for any liferay project that has that runtime, the jars (like portal-service.jar) will automatically get attached in Eclipse. Here are the steps:

- Double click Liferay Server in Servers view
- Click the "Runtime environment" link
- In the Liferay Tomcat Runtime wizard, click Next
- The 2nd field, the Liferay Source zip, browse to the source zip for your portal server version, e.g.
- Click Finish
- Restart Studio (so that all liferay projects will requery runtime information)

I've recorded a screencast of this procedure here: