Liferay IDE 1.5 Release

Nimen Hao! (Hi Y'all!),

We just released version 1.5 of Liferay IDE (Eclipse plugins).  From your Eclipse installation that contains Liferay IDE just do Help > Check for updates...  If you do not already have a Liferay IDE installation, here is the Eclipse update site URL for new installations.
( click here for detailed install instructions)
There is a new Liferay IDE 1.5 Release page where you can see some details and screenshots about the new release.  Here are the most important new features available in this release:
  • Liferay Hook Configuration Editor
  • Support for importing Liferay binary plugins as new projects
  • JSP Debugging for projects deployed to Remote Liferay Servers
  • Support for Glassfish as a Remote Liferay Server (through server-manager-web Liferay plugin)
Here are a couple of screenshots of the new features in action:
I'll be checking the Liferay IDE forums if anyones has problems with upgrade or installation.
Lastly I wanted to mention again a Liferay IDE contributor to this release of Kamesh Sampath.  He wrote the new Binary Import wizards with very little help from my part, just knocked out that feature all on his own.  Also, he wrote the first version of the liferay-hook.xml before it went through additional revisions leading up to the 1.5 release.  Thanks again Kamesh for all your hard work!
Hi Greg!!

It´s great. I was wondering if it will be released for the 3.6 Helios Eclipse version.

Hey Aritz, Yes it should work fine with Helios, however we did not get the Helios updatesite updated. Let me get that fixed today.
Thanks a lot Greg. I installed 1.5 on Indigo at home with no issue at all.
I just checked, you can upgrade Helios installation of Liferay IDE from 1.4 to 1.5. You just have to manually add in this updatesite:

We will get the */helios/stable/ URL updated later today to fix that. Thanks for reporting it!
Hi Greg,
thanks for fixing IDE-507 and IDE-491 (over this bug I've stumbled a few days ago). Simply another great IDE release!
Hey everyone,

Just a followup the Helios link is now up and it should now automatically offer the update for Helios users that had the previous stable URL configured. Also I have updated to blog to point out the contributions of Kamesh Sampath to this release as he once again contributed some great new features.