Liferay IDE 1.4 Release

Hi all,

We just released version 1.4 of Liferay IDE.  Help > Check for updates... is the fastest way if you already have it installed.  If not here is the URL update site:  
(click here for detailed install instructions)

I hope to increase the speed at which we push out new versions of the IDE.  I'd like to have a new release at least every 6-8 weeks.  The next release 1.5 will probably land about mid-november.

I've created a Liferay IDE 1.4 Release page where you can see some details and screenshots about the new release.  Here are the most important new features available in this release:

Liferay 6.1 (nightly/trunk) recently switched to Tomcat 7 so we've now added support for launching Tomcat7 in Liferay IDE with a new server type.  

Also in this new release there is a new portlet configuration editor available by default.  Before showing off any screenshots of the editor, I would like to publically thank a Liferay community member, Kamesh Sampath for contributing the code for this editor.  He volunteered many hours of his own personal time to build it and is committed to make it a first-class editor for Liferay and portlet developers.  Personally it has been a pleasure for me to collaborate with Kamesh over last few weeks working on this editor.  I look forward to seeing more excellent features from him on both Liferay IDE and Lifery Portal in the future.   If you like the new editor, feel free to drop him a note on his profile page.

That is it for now.  I'm actually just about to head to Hong Kong with my familiy this week since its October Holiday here in China and the office is shut down for the week.  I'll be checking the Liferay IDE forums at least one a day to help any users with upgrade issues.  

Excellent work Greg... Thanks for the update... Good luck in Hong Kong!
NIce Work !!! Thanks...
Nice Work!!! Thanks, Greg...
Hi Greg,
Good work always gain! Nicely done.
Good work Kamesh Sampath.

Nice work.
Awesome! Thanks Greg!