Liferay IDE 1.2 Released

Hello all,

Its been awhile since the last Liferay IDE release as I've been busy on some tooling for our EE customers, however, along the way I've been adding new features and improvements to IDE as well.  So we've pushed out a new Liferay IDE v1.2 release today.  

As with all previous releases it can be installed (or updated) via the update-site URL:

If you need more instructions for installation see the install guide here:

Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Portlet UI Framework support
  • JSF and Vaadin framework support for portlet projects
  • Improved Ext plugin deploy/undeploy support
  • Liferay Server config more customizable

To see a longer list of new and improved features see the Liferay IDE 1.2 New and Noteworthy page.

Thanks everyone, hit me up on the Liferay IDE forums with any questions.


If you want to try out the JSF or Vaadin support you first have to install a nightly build of Liferay 6.1 from here: and also you will need to grab a copy of the Plugins SDK from SVN trunk here:

Once you have those two you will be able to use create both JSF and Vaadin portlets.  

Nice, thanks Greg!
This is excellent Greg. We ve been desperately waiting for this release. Thank you.
nice work!

When creatubg new Liferay Vaadin Project and selecting checkbox "Vaadin" there is a message " At least SDK version 6.1.0 is required to use the selected portlet framework." Where can I download 6.1.0 SDK version?
Hi Tom,

I added an update to the end of my blog that mentions how to get the Portal 6.1 and a copy of Plugins SDK 6.1.

Is it a must to download Liferay 6.1 from trunk/nightly, wont it work with tagged Liferay 6.05, you know it is more safe to use a tag.. ()

I download the plugin-sdk trunk and will give a try probably it is just to change the liferay version from 6.1 to 6.0 at the xml files..

By the way do you have any idea about when the 6.1 will be available ?


And any clue whether Richfaces will work with liferay by the help of portletfaces ?

To you use JSF and Vaadin you have to use the 6.1 or trunk version of Plugins SDK. For the actual Portal you may be able to using 6.0.5 if you have the proper dependencies in the portal root WEB-INF/lib, like vaadin.jar, etc.

6.1 Community Edition should be available this summer, and I believe at this time PortletFaces supports JSF2.0 ref spec and icefaces on liferay. I don't know if it supports richfaces, you could post that question here though:

here in turkey there is a faces components implementation... It is called primefaces. IT simply worked with Neil Griffen's portletfaces bridge. nothing to configure just put the jar, <p:component name> and it worked...

I will investigate more on it, if works: then we can announce it in the community.

Hi Greg,

I'm working with Vaadin and I tried to get the trunk for Plugins SDK but i was unable to authenticate in svn...where can i get a login?

Do you know when a bundled 6.1 SDK will be available?
if the problem is authentication, then just type guest for user name and password is nothing-blank- just hit the enter after typing guest. For svn address you can search for it on the google ;)

hope this helps.

Thanks a lot Ilke...I'm a rookie!
I've asked about getting a nightly build of the SDK available for people to download just like the nightly build of the portal. I'll let everyone know if that happens.
Hi Gregory,

I can't understand the below sentence:
> If you want to try out the Vaadin support you first have to install a nightly build of Liferay 6.1

So we can't deploy in Liferay 6.0.5 the Vaadin portlets generated with Liferay IDE 1.2 ? We can deploy only in 6.1 trunk ?

Thank you for an explanation !

Ivano C.
That is correct. The actual requirement is you must use a nightly build of the Liferay Plugins SDK which has the dependencies for Vaadin development that the IDE needs. And if you are using the latest Plugins SDK it makes sense to use the latest version of the portal which is the 6.1 nightly builds.

Really excellent work with this release, once again! Especially (at least for me) with the additional server config options!

Interesting... something happened between last night and now. When I tried to update on a different computer today, I get a bunch of errors:

MD5 hash is not as expected. Expected: 81081aae762704c510737d75a1fd07d4 and found 478614d989994efffb802ae3e759b6d5.

on all of the com.liferay.ide osgi bundle artifacts - ("Problem downloading artifact" message).

Any ideas?

Very new to Java development so please excuse the noob question.

So i have the Plugin SDK source from the SVN trunk. How do i go about installing the Plugin from this?
Hi, i am new here, Can i get trunk link to download SDK 6.1.0 for JSF plugin development?
Unfortunately there is no 6.1 SDK download right now. You simply have to check out plugins trunk at SVN and then perform ant extract-plugins-sdk to create a zip file.
So, for those of us who are not doing portal development work and just need to build our websites based on the 6.05 or 6.06 stable release of CE, and need to use Vaadin or JSF, what's the best course of action? I don't think I want to base production work on whatever happens to be in the nightly builds. I noticed on the update site there are prepackaged versions of Liferay IDE 1.x.y . Should we fall back to those until the stable release of the product catches up with the stable release of the toolset, and if so which version?
Both Vaadin and JSF can be used with current 6.0.6 stable and 6.0.11 (EE-SP1) as well but they will require a nightly build of the SDK to get the project templates.

So a combination of stable portal and nightly SDK should enable you to use JSF and Vaadin.
I tried to download the liferay plugins sdk 6.1.0 from the following URL: using subversion, but I am unable to do that due to some network error. Can some one please upload the the nightly version for the sdk somewhere or send it to me as I need to develope JSF 2.0 portal using the SDK 6.1.0 ...Thanks
Hi Dipankar,

You will need to checkout the source via SVN and then create the plugins SDK zip with this task:

svn co
cd trunk
ant extract-plugins-sdk
I dont have de password for to use svn.
I Gregory,
Thank you, now the JSF is working.
Hey Gregory,
How can i extract plugins sdk?
Shall i use command prompt or something else to give ant?
Check out the plugins SDK trunk, then from trunk directory, run the command "ant extract-plugins-sdk" and that will add a zip to the /dist folder.
How can I get SDK 6.1.0 to start developping under LR 6.1.0 ??
You can get a beta of 6.1 SDK from the downloads page: