Liferay IDE 1.0 Preview

Hello everyone,

**Update: fixed video links, also you may want to check out the newest blogs related to the IDE, here and here **

Right now we are targeting the release of Liferay IDE 1.0 to be May 12.  Hopefully next week I can make more details available for community members to actually get your hands on the preview build and help test.  I know that several of you have offered and I will be taking you up on it, just not just yet.  Until then I do have some videos I'd like to share with everyone so you can see where things stand currently.  Below is an overview of some of the features that will be in 1.0.

1. Create new plug-in project

2. Portlet Project Deployment

3. New Portlet Wizard

4. New Hook Wizard

5. More Hook Wizard

6. Plug-in Package Editor

Be sure to check back next week and I hope to post  more details later on how to help with testing the preview builds before 1.0 is released.  Thanks for your patience!


Thanks, send me a note if you are interested in testing the preview builds.

Nice work! I'm looking forward to using this when it comes out!
Nice job! Looking forward to using it ...
Wow, very nice!
Greg - fantastic work. I'd love to be able to test some of your builds, but I'm unsure as to how to send you a note. Can you please give me an idea how? Thanks.
Wow great work, i would like to use it right now ... I am not sure how to send note however my email is u can share link to me for preview testing
here is the eclipse update site for IDE 1.0
have fun playing with it ....
Greg this is amazing!
Great work!
Nice job Greg. We are looking forward to using the IDE.
Excellent blog with videos. It gave good view what the Liferay IDE is all about.

Good work.
Good work Gregory! This looks really good! emoticon
Will start testing the preview build tonight
Thanks Greg,
It missed this kind of tools so that Liferay Portal can prevail to be as complete as other commercial solutions.
awesome demos!

Can't see the videos. The message on the page says "This content is currently unavailable. Please contact the content owner for more information." Are they available somewhere else?
Sorry about that. I will try to get these videos moved to youtube soon so they will be made available again.
Sir, Thank you for this Great Post with good explanations through awesome video demos. Looking forward to using it emoticon
Good work Greg, looking forward to test the preview
Nice Work Gregory, waiting for release...
Awesome video Demos.....Waiting eagerly for the preview IDE to work on.
Hi Greg, this stuff looks really great. We're all super excited to see this stuff become a reality!
Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by and posting your comments. I wanted to let you know that the plan is to try to release Liferay IDE 1.0 by this Friday. I will post another blog with more details when it is released.
Been playing around around with the ide and really like it :-)

thank you, great work :-)
Nice Work
Look nice emoticon
I am ready to test. More precisely, I cannot wait anymore to test this, because I've spent the past days trying to deploy my last hook ... still unsuccessfully ...
Is this IDE is released for use?
Not yet, The plan is by tomorrow it will be generally available.
From where and when we can download this IDE?
In a few hours hopefully and from a URL that will be published.
Is the Liferay IDE released or did I miss any announcement.
Sorry guys, the IDE hasn't been released yet. It didn't make it out on Friday should be available first thing next week. Sorry for the delay.
Finally I think it is better to release it few days later but more stable with less bugs emoticon
What the new tentative date for IDE release
I am going to try to get it released before the end of the week. All that is left is some rollout concerns and last minute testing.
Brother Amerson, could you please update us on the status of the Liferay IDE 1.0.Its almost the end of this week and we have been eagerly waiting for the IDE.
Hi Greg, Great work.
How to use ext plugin through the IDE.
For the first release, you can create new ext plugin projects through the IDE and deploy them to a liferay tomcat instance. That is about it for now. More features for ext plugins will be coming in the future though.

The IDE will only support 6.0.x and going forward.
Dear Gregory is IDE released? if not whats next release date
It has not been released yet. Once the next release candidate (6.0RC2) is released, then we can roll out the IDE since it requires at least a version that work.
It would be great if the IDE could work with plugins using the maven build style:

Nice work, i want to test it quickly but i've got a problem.

I download the Liferay IDE 1.0 with the eclipse update site

When i want to configure Liferay Runtime for Tomcat, an error occured (Portal version not supported. Need at least 6.0.2) because i use the version 6.0.1.

Where can i download the version 6.0.2 ?
Hello Denis,

6.0 RC2 (6.0.2) is in the final stages of preparation before release. As soon as it is available for download, we will release the IDE. Thanks for your patience.
I think, if someone wants to test and try without compiling liferay, it is possible to download a nightly build at
I think, the nightly should identify itself as 6.0.2 and behave like it.
Denis, thanks for the update URL :-)
Maybe I will try it if I will have some time.
Another idea for the liferay team - eclipse update site for the liferay itself. The eclipse could then automatically try and find the appropriate updated liferay version for the existing IDE :-)

Well, then we should decide what to do with the existing liferay database...
I tried installing using the Remote Site link you mentioned but now it throws up a Invalid License issue. Any work around ?
Thanks, it works !!!
@DenisBriand and @AndriusKutinaitis Thanks for the work around, things are working fine at my side too. Great job for now. Thanks again.
Hello have you got news about the Liferay IDE release ?
6.0 RC2 is still not released. As soon as it is (you will likely see a blog post) the IDE will be released shortly thereafter.
It is an important tool for us ! Thans you for your work and your reactivity.