Liferay IDE 1.0.0 Released

Now that Liferay 6.0 RC2 is available, we just released version 1.0 of the Liferay IDE.  Thanks to everyone that has been waiting patiently.   I know that I promised it last month so I hope it was worth your wait.  Please note that the IDE only supports Liferay 6.0 RC2 and beyond at the moment.  

For existing eclipse users here is the update site url for Eclipse Galileo SR2.

Update site URL

Alternatively, you can download the archived update site for users that can't install from external URL:

Here is a screenshot that shows what the installation should look like if you have added the URL properly:

If you don't currently have eclipse, take a look at the detailed installation guide that will guide you in getting what you need to use Liferay IDE.  

Going forward I will provide more resources for those interesting in using or contributing to Liferay IDE over on the main Liferay IDE wiki page.

On that page you can find more details about Liferay IDE including:

Thanks to everyone on the Liferay team that took time to help the IDE become a reality and thanks to all the Liferay community members who have showed interest and given encouragement over the past few months.  Please provide continue feedback on the IDE either here, in the forums, or in JIRA to help improve this tool for the whole community.  Good luck!

Great Work Greg..
I was about to post where do i get this IDE from. GJ.. downloading now.
Great! Thank you, Greg.
Brilliant! Thanks Greg.
Good work, I have to try it out. Thanks Greg
Great work Greg....
Great Job Greg, Thank you very much.
Thats awesome. One question, will it only work in galileo? Does it support europa?
Right now it will not support Europa. We would need to do some research into how much work it would be to support previous eclipse versions.
When I am trying to install the Liferay IDE, I am getting the following error. Please help me how to resolve this.
Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
Software being installed: Liferay IDE 1.0.1.v201007090414 ( 1.0.1.v201007090414)
Software currently installed: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (epp.package.jee
Only one of the following can be installed at once:
Common Navigator View 3.4.0.I20090525-2000 (org.eclipse.ui.navigator 3.4.0.I20090525-2000)
Common Navigator View 3.4.2.M20100120-0800 (org.eclipse.ui.navigator 3.4.2.M20100120-0800)
Common Navigator View 3.4.1.M20090911-1550 (org.eclipse.ui.navigator 3.4.1.M20090911-1550)
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Liferay Project UI 1.0.1.v201007090414 (com.liferay.ide.eclipse.project.ui 1.0.1.v201007090414)
To: bundle org.eclipse.ui.navigator 3.4.2
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Liferay IDE 1.0.1.v201007090414 ( 1.0.1.v201007090414)
To: com.liferay.ide.eclipse.project.ui [1.0.1.v201007090414]
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (epp.package.jee
To: []
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Java EE IDE Feature (
To: [3.5.0.v20090611a-9gEeG1HFtQcmRThO4O3aR_fqSMvJR2sJ]
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse Platform 3.5.0.v20090611a-9gEeG1HFtQcmRThO4O3aR_fqSMvJR2sJ ( 3.5.0.v20090611a-9gEeG1HFtQcmRThO4O3aR_fqSMvJR2sJ)
To: org.eclipse.ui.navigator [3.4.0.I20090525-2000]

Thanks in advance
Hi Madhavi,

Could you repost your problem over on the liferay IDE forums? That way I can properly followup and will not obscure the answer here so others can find it.

Here is the forums link:
Awesome work!
Unable to install on Eclipse Galileo Java EE IDE

Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
Software being installed: Liferay IDE 1.0.0.v201006141713 ( 1.0.0.v201006141713)
Software currently installed: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (epp.package.jee
Only one of the following can be installed at once:
Text Editor Framework 3.5.1.r352_v20100105 (org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor 3.5.1.r352_v20100105)
Text Editor Framework 3.5.0.v20090603 (org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor 3.5.0.v20090603)
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Liferay IDE 1.0.0.v201006141713 ( 1.0.0.v201006141713)
To: com.liferay.ide.eclipse.ui [1.0.0.v201006141713]
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Liferay UI 1.0.0.v201006141713 (com.liferay.ide.eclipse.ui 1.0.0.v201006141713)
To: bundle org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor 3.5.1
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (epp.package.jee
To: []
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Java EE IDE Feature (
To: [3.5.1.R35x_v20090910-9gEeG1_FthkNDSP2odXdThaOu9GFDPn83DGB7]
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse Platform 3.5.1.R35x_v20090910-9gEeG1_FthkNDSP2odXdThaOu9GFDPn83DGB7 ( 3.5.1.R35x_v20090910-9gEeG1_FthkNDSP2odXdThaOu9GFDPn83DGB7)
To: org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor [3.5.0.v20090603]
Success, Updated the Eclipse version
What version of Eclipse did you update to from J2EE version of Galileo to get past this error?
Were you able to figure out the reason behind this?

Ok Done after reading all the blog emoticon and updating my eclipse to the latest.
Wow, thanks!
Thanks alot guys. I was really hoping something like this would come out to help overcome the problems that are faced during development because of non-standardization of the process. I can't wait to try it out.
Installed it on Galileo and it works great! Great work Greg!

It would be nice though if Eclipse 3.4 can be supported, since the latest Rational Application Developer is based on it.
Thanks for the reminder about Eclipse 3.4 being the basis for latest RAD tooling. We have websphere serer support on the roadmap for 1.1 and it would make sense to tackle websphere support and eclipse 3.4 support at the same time.
Any one tried using Liferay IDE to create a new theme plugin? It appear that it's grayed out in the wizard.

Any pointers would be appreciated.
Hello Jack, Themes and layout-template plugins are not yet supported. Both are planned for the 1.1 release.
Sir, Thanks for the great work emoticon
This is/will be such a great tool. I see in JIRA that JDK5 support is now in svn ( ; from above Eclipse 3.4 and theme/layout support planned for 1.1. Awesome. This will save so much time in setting up and working in dev. Jonas Yuan's book "Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Intranet" is excellent, even for client IT departments to have in their library. Wondering if there is a more portlet/hook/ext/theme/layout dev book being written which informs about this IDE too ?
Hello Jack, I know that Rich Sezov from Liferay is working on Liferay in Action which you can pre-order from Manning's early access program. That book will covert portlet/hook/ext/theme/layout dev for Liferay 6 in detail. And he also said he may be able to squeeze a section on Liferay IDE in an appendix or something.
I guess the release early release often approach when it comes to books puts your IDE in the appendix. For me, I expect your IDE to be fundamental to my dev operations. But who am I to be so greedy: Pre-ordering Liferay in Action now... Thanks for the reference.
nice content
Great Man !!!!
Good Job!!!
How can i create a Theme ? (This option is disabled in New Plug-in Project Wizard)
Theme and also Layout Template project support will be added in next major release (1.1) which should be ready later this summer.
I do portlets with Struts2 ; is there a way of modifying 'creation' (via IDE) of portlets to customize for such ?
Hey Jack,

Good question, in fact I created a forum post with the same question and answered it over here:

That way other people may search and find the question and answer as well.
Eclipse Helios support?
Not yet. Helios was released today and the plan is to add Helios support along with some other small bug fixes to a 1.0.1 release at the end of next week.
Hi Greg!,

I have one doubt.

How to remove the revert options in Wiki for End user?.

Revert Option is only for Wiki Admin right?emoticonemoticon

Thanks in Advance..
Hello All,

Are you planning to release Liferay IDE to Netbeans?

No plans currently but we will let you know if that changes.
That would be great. Oracle (which owns Eclipse and Netbeans) is pushing Netbeans as its main Java Development IDE, while Eclipse will be more focused on Database Development.

Bruno thanks for your note.

Eclipse is technically not owned by any company, but rather its a non-profit foundation that is supported by a consortium of software vendors which consists of about 125 companies, one of which is Oracle who is a strategic member. Netbeans just has Oracle as its only strategic corporate backer (as far as I know).

However, that doesn't mean Netbeans is not a high-quality IDE, it just means we are going to focus our IDE efforts on Eclipse first and then look at Netbeans once we have more resources. Since the tooling team is just me at the moment emoticon, Liferay IDE will be eclipse based for now.
Hi Greg,
Great work on the IDE.
A couple of points :
It would be great if, the IDE injects :
1. the configs for the liferay tlds into web.xml while creating the portlet plugin. Deleting the config settings later if we don't need it is easier.

2. the name of the portlet in the build.xml file instead of the generic name "portlet". If we create multiple portlets
then when using the Ant view, all build files appear with the name "portlet" which can get confusing.

Thanks for the suggestions, could you add JIRA tickets for both of these requests so I don't lose those suggestions? Thanks
hi friends

i installed liferay-plugin in eclipse helios
and run liferay-sdk

when i create liferay-plugin project in eclipse i can't choose glassfish server in "Liferay runtime"
however i download and install this server in eclipse but just i can select liferay v6.0(Tomcat 6)

my liferay portal is on glassfish server
please help me
thanks friends
Support for Glassfish server in Liferay IDE is not yet available. right now we just support Tomcat, but other popular appservers are planned in the future.
Thank you. Great job but I have a problem that I was wondering if you can help me figure out (or point me in the right direction). I created a portlet using Eclipse IDE and I need to upload the portlet into Liferay installed on my PC. I also need to pass the signed in user's name to my portlet as a parameter to display specifics information for each different user. How can I do that? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Signed John Malick
Hi John, Once you have your portlet in a Liferay project, you can create a WAR of that project and then copy that war over to the liferay install on your PC and drop it into the deploy directory under LIFERAY_HOME. For your 2nd question you will need to post that question into the community forums under portlet development. Those guys should be able to help you over there.
Hello Greg, Thank you for the reply. Since I am totally new to this, I am slightly confused. In Eclipse on my PC, I am creating my portlet. When I am done with it, I can create a WAR file (That is how my Eclipse IDE is set up). I can just copy that WAR file and drop it into the appropriate directory under LIFERAY. Am I correct? Thank you again.