Liferay Faces Download Stats for June 2021

Downloads hit an all-time-high for the third year in a row

Each year at about this time I try to post the download stats for the Liferay Faces project. I am pleased to report that downloads for the Liferay Faces project hit another all time high back in September of 2020, and held fairly steady until January of this year (2021). Downloads seem to take a dip after the holidays, so perhaps that's why we saw a drop-off in February. Since then, there has been an upward trend again. But that makes three years in-a-row of all-time-highs.


I think that one of the best indicators of usage is reflected in the stats for the Liferay Faces Bridge Implementation artifact, which continues to show a general upward/maintaining trend over the last 12 months:

Many thanks to our faithful JSF portlet developer community for making Liferay Faces such a great success since 2012!

Liferay Faces Download stats for previous years: