Liferay 7 Alpha 4 - Beginning a weekly releases cycle

You probably have not had time to digest Alpha 3 yet, but here we are again with a new preliminary release: Liferay 7 Alpha 4 is out! This release fixes 82 bugs resolved since Alpha 3 and adds 31 small improvements: More portlets getting Lexicon-based designs (including Site Memberships, this time for real), several functional improvements to Forms, notifications in the product menu, etc.

And if you were wondering how did this happen so soon, the good news is that we have entered the final phase of Liferay 7's development and now we will be making weekly releases. Every Friday you will have a new release uploaded to Sourceforge showcasing our progress towards the final release (with some exceptions due to the holiday season). 

Since we are going to be releasing so often I won't be posting blog entries for every release. In fact they would be quite boring since most, if not all, changes from now on will be related to quality improvements, either directly (such bug fixes) or indirectly (such as ensuring technical and UX consistency across the product, for example by applying Lexicon-based designs to some remaining apps). I still plan to write blog entries whenever there is something relevant to say, such as reaching a milestone or presenting certain specific improvements. Also, if you still want to be notified of all releases follow our Liferay Engineering twitter account to be the first to know about it.

If you want to help us keep improving the release to have it out the door sooner get Liferay 7 Alpha 4 now from Sourceforge, and join the Community Expedition. (BTW, you will see an error in the logs that can be safely ignored. It's known and fixed already but we decided to not delay the release because of it)

This Friday there will be a new release with a redesigned product menu. We are also working hard to solve some issues with Sybase related to code necessary for the upgrades and if we can get it all to work... we will have our first beta! :)


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