Importing or Sharing Projects with Liferay IDE

Early this month I was able to visit with many in the Liferay community at the West Coast Symposium.  I had a great time discussing some of the issues and hearing some concerns of our users with regards to their development environments and specifically their use of Liferay IDE in their daily work.  

Then last week after the latest release of Liferay IDE, I realized that instead of immediately going back and working on new features there were a couple of common user stories that were mentioned at the symposium that needed to be better documented, e.g. 1) How do you import existing plugin projects into the IDE, 2) How do you properly share Liferay IDE projects with other developers through source control.

So the result is a couple of new user guides for Liferay IDE that cover these two topics in detail.

Specifically with the project sharing guide, there are actually a couple of different methods that are possible to properly share Liferay IDE projects in source control.  However, both of those user guides are long and pretty detailed which could easily lead to errors, so along with the guides I recorded a couple of short video demonstrating each sharing method:

If you have any comments or questions please ask don't hesitate to ask me over on the Liferay IDE forums as I'll get notified by an email immediately.  If you post a comment to the wiki page directly I may not see it as soon.  Thanks!

Nice features:

Importing Projects
Sharing Projects

Thanks, Greg.
This is very helpful Greg!

I was just wondering what would be the best practice to deal with SDK upgrades?
ex: lets say I upgrade from SKD6.0.4 to 6.0.5 - can I simply copy paste all the portlets/themes/layouts etc from prev sdk directories over to the new sdk directories?
Easier than that. Just simply unzip the contents of the new SDK directly over the previous SDK. All of your projects in the portlets/ hooks/ or themes/ subdirectories will stay in tact and wont be modified by the new unzip. But all of the rest of the file will be upgraded.
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