Eclipse Helios support with Liferay IDE 1.0.1 update

The Eclipse Helios release has been available for a couple of weeks now so I wanted to let everyone know that we just released a new update to the Liferay IDE (v1.0.1) in order to support it .  This release has a few minor bug fixes but the biggest feature is that it is compatible with Helios (as well as Galileo).  

For Eclipse Helios

The new update-site is at the following URL:

To help with how to install this into your Eclipse installation you can refer to my previous blog that mentioned the 1.0.0 release or you can go directly to the Wiki page, Liferay IDE Installation Guide and just substitute the above URL for the update-site location instead of the Galileo URL.

For Eclipse Galileo

If you have already installed Liferay IDE you can simple do a check for updates to get the new 1.0.1 release:

  • Go to Help > Check for updates...
  • Select Liferay IDE v1.0.1 update

If you have not already installed Liferay IDE for Galileo yet, you can continue to use the use the previous update-site URL as it contains the new 1.0.1 release,

If you have any upgrade or installation troubles please head over to the Liferay IDE forums and be sure to let us know:

Kudos to Brian Chan, everyone's hero, he was right in the middle of builds for Liferay 6 (coming up on final release) and helped me roll out this update for the IDE in his spare cycles, thanks Brian!

Cool! Eclipse Helios support with Liferay IDE! Thank you, Greg.
Greg, fantastic work!

Is it possible to specify src/main/webapps instead of docroot so that we could use the Maven 2 standard project layout and achieve auto-sync with the Liferay server?
Hey I did some testing and answered my own question. I was able to do it by removing "docroot" from the "Deployment Assembly" option in the portlet project properties. I then added src/main/webapp as a replacement for the "/" deploy path. I had to restart Eclipse Helios, but it seems to work!
Hey Neil, for basic portlet plugins I think changing the source folder should be just fine and deployment would not break. Where you will run into problems is with service builder or language builder since both of those actions rely on the Liferay plugins sdk which assumes the source folder location to be the liferay standard. As long as you don't use those two features you are likely OK.
Thanks Greg -- will there be integration with Mika's Maven plugins?
I'll look into it, especially if it solves the plugin-sdk vs. maven paths problem.
Very nice, Greg!
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