/dev/24 Draft Agenda and schedule

Start planning your waking hours now

On and around 24 September (depending on your exact timezone), we'll host the very first /dev/24 livestream. Technical information for 24 hours - sleep ahead, and schedule some recovery time afterwards.

We're starting 24 Sep 7:00 UTC and carry on for full 24h.

The draft agenda is now published. It still needs some polishing, and there are some empty slots in the very early UTC-morning that will be filled. Come back often to adjust your schedule and identify added presentations.

Coming up to the event, will also include the actual Livestream links, pointers to downloadable material etc.

We also have heard of the first 24h office party (masked) - let us know of any other streaming party, so that we can check back with your party during the event and wear out your projector and internet connection.